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Jeep is well-known for many things, such as creating some of the best off-road cars. The brand has also won the title of America’s “Most Patriotic Brand” for 2021 and many years before. Here’s a look at how Jeep rightfully earned that award.

Jeep has been America’s ‘Most Patriotic Brand’ for 19 years now

A black Jeep steering wheel with the name printed in the center. The background is the gauge cluster.
Jeep | Getty Images

According to Stellantis, Jeep has been named America’s “Most Patriotic Brand” 19 years in a row. This wasn’t a small survey either. Stellantis wrote that Brand Keys, the company which ran the survey, asked almost 6,000 Americans from all across the U.S. how patriotic they thought a brand was. Those Americans looked at almost 1,200 brands, and the ultimate winner was Jeep.

The survey found some unsurprising results in terms of the top 10. According to MediaPost, Walmart was the second “Most Patriotic Brand,” while Disney came in at third. Fourth place was a tie between Amazon and Ford, and fifth place went to The New York Times. Tesla was the next automaker that made that list, coming in 30th.

This domination by Jeep shouldn’t be too surprising. The brand has a long history that’s heavily tied to America and America’s military.

Jeep’s long patriotic history

As Stellantis wrote, Jeep has been involved with the U.S. military for a long time. In the past, America’s finest rode on Jeeps to defeat the Nazis, but this brand’s involvement with the military didn’t stop there. It has also been heavily involved with the USO. Stellantis wrote that Jeep would donate $250 to the USO every time someone buys a 2021 Freedom edition to show just how much the brand supports the USO. 

Jeep also has a long history of supporting American veterans when they’ve come home. Not only do the Freedom editions have military-themed interiors and exteriors, but many veterans can also get a discount. According to Stellantis, “all active and recently retired service members” can get $500 in cash to buy a Jeep 4×4. 

Jeep has been an American company that made cars in America for much of its history. While that’s no longer entirely true, its patriotic actions still allowed the brand to win the “Most Patriotic Brand” award. 

Embracing the future of America

Many automakers have started creating a green lineup, and Jeep is doing the same with its iconic models. The Wrangler 4xe is the brand’s latest eco-friendly offering for Jeep fans. The 4xe is a hybrid, like many other eco-friendly options, but it doesn’t stop there. 

The brand recently unveiled a new concept of the Wrangler, the Wrangler Magneto. It’s just a concept car right now, so it’ll be a while before production begins. The Wrangler Magneto will be a true EV Wrangler. However, its details and specs aren’t necessarily going to be what is eventually put on the production lines since it’s still a concept. 

Jeep did make it clear that the Magneto will still be able to keep up with other Wranglers. Its electric motors should allow it to be as capable as the 3.6-liter Pentastar engine that it currently has. However, it’s currently unknown what kind of range the Magneto will have.


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