Jeep Makes An Armored Grand Cherokee

The greater instability in the world has changed the civilian armored vehicle market. In fact, business is now booming. It is a market that Jeep hasn’t let pass by, choosing instead, to jump right in. The legendary off-road brand offers an armored version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example. Yeah, a factory armored Jeep

Increasing security concern necessitates armored Jeeps

The 1,000th completed armored Jeep Grand Cherokee sits on a factory floor.
The 1,000th completed armored Jeep Grand Cherokee | FCA

According to Counter-IED Report

“The increasing security challenges arising out of the rise in crime rate and insurgent activities has changed the market dynamics for the civilian armored vehicle market. In the past where armored cars were solely used by ministers of states, diplomats, cash-in transit and law enforcement agencies; today the market is witnessing larger number of orders by high-profile corporate users, high-net-worth individual (HNWI), and celebrities.” 

The report also discusses that the increased unrest has created market growth opportunities.

“The use of commercial armored vehicles has increased approximately by 70% in the last decade, creating a large market for the carmakers operating in this market.”

The armored Jeep Grand Cherokee is a multi-national effort

Jeep makes the Grand Cherokee in Detroit. However, recognizing the need within the civilian armored market, the automaker began creating armored versions. Those are upfitted in Mexico as part of a collaboration with German Shield to meet protection standards

Armored vehicles tend to be heavy. So, these Jeep Grand Cherokees come equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. The powerplants are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, special run-flat tires are installed, as is anti-grenade plating to protect the undercarriage. As for the suspension, it is strengthened at all corners, and other engine protection components are installed. Then, a special glass and polyvinyl blend replaces the regular windows and windshield. 

According to our friends at Motor1

“Jeep’s armored Grand Cherokee adheres to the US Department of Justice’s NIJ-IIIA level of protection. To achieve this rating, the ballistic protection needs to be able to withstand five rounds of .44 Magnum from at least a 5.5-inch barrel and five bullets from a 9-millimeter submachine gun with a barrel at least 9.5 inches long”

Civilian armored vehicles are not new

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Civilian armored vehicles are not new. They have been around for a long time. What is new is the increasing interest, or even the greater necessity for them over recent years. They have become so popular that a quick search of Youtube turns up videos of people doing walkarounds of the seemingly normal looking vehicles such as Land Rovers, Cadillac Escalades, GMC Yukons, and others. Although, there are some pretty wild armored vehicles also. And, if you ever doubt that an armored vehicle can actually offer any protection, there are a few videos that show people shooting armored vehicles to test the protection capabilities. Of course, don’t try this at home. Just don’t do it.

In case any of our readers are concerned about their safety and have some extra cash set aside on their ledger for protection, this Jeep Grand Cherokee may be the way to go. Pricing at today’s exchange rate is about $86,000, which is relatively inexpensive when it comes to new civilian armored vehicles. Other manufacturers can get well into the six-figure range for an armored package. So, Jeep may have another winning combination on their hands. Maybe that’s why they have already produced their 1,000 unit.