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Oh no, if you’re near the Jeep Grand Cherokee L production plant, then you might want to hold your nose. Residents aren’t happy about the stinky smells that are emerging from the Jeep Grand Cherokee L as its being assembled. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L is stinky during production 

red Jeep Grand Cherokee L in a driveway
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L | Jeep

The Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the two-row Jeep Grand Cherokee face trouble at the Mach assembly plant. This is where the models are produced in Detroit, Michigan. However, they might have to move if they can’t get the stench under control. 

Residents that live in the vicinity have been complaining about an odor that’s emerging from the plant. They want the state’s environment cops to hold Stellantis accountable for the paint and solvent odors. This follows a recent citation for volatile organic compound emissions. 

Why does the Grand Cherokee stink? 

Due to Jeep Grand Cherokee L odors, Stellantis may voluntarily move and repair homes after facing pressure from residents and their representatives. The regulatory staff noted that there are persistent and objectionable paint and solvent odors in the factory. 

The issue may be related to the ducting at Mak’s new paint shop. Inspectors shared that they have found emissions from that part of the plant that isn’t being ducted to a regenerative thermal oxidizer. 

This piece of equipment destroys potentially harmful chemicals in the air, so it’s pretty important. Stellantis hired an engineering firm to investigate this issue. A report was promised within the next 90 days. 

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs is a term created by vendors of house paint. VOCs typically provide the strong smell of fresh paint. Without them, the smell of paint isn’t as strong or as dangerous. This also takes us back to the 90s when we were always told never to paint the inside of a room with the doors and windows closed. 

But the smell while the Grand Cherokee L is being painted is pungent and overbearing. This is why residents are concerned about their health. They’re so upset that they have started protesting. 

Are Stellantis employees at risk? 

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L in grey on a mountain
2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L | Jeep

The new Mack assembly has thousands of people across three shifts using hundreds of machines to assemble the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and the two-row Grand Cherokee. The former Mach engine plant was much smaller and didn’t involve any paint. 

Company representatives that pollution reductions at other Mack plants would have offset any increase in emissions at Mack. The Warran Truck Assembly plant is an example of a facility with lower emissions. 

That’s great for the people living around that plant, but residents are still up close and personally smelling the Grand Cherokee L fumes. Also, we hope that personal protective equipment (PPE) keeps employees that come into contact with the VOCs safe. 

At least Stellantis isn’t ignoring the issue. It is working to address the problem head-on with its hired engineering firm diagnosing the problem. Another possible solution involves moving. But is Mack in any trouble? It is a problem with the ducts in the Mack plant, after all. 

We’ll keep an eye out for updates about this smelly mess. For the record, the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L doesn’t smell bad once the paint dries. You can call Stallantis at 833-310-2313 and the Michigan pollution line at 800-292-4706 to report concerns.


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