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Jeep is most well-known for the Wrangler, but it also has several other SUVs that earn it awards. The Compass, Renegade, and Cherokee are smaller SUVs that consumers seem to be fond of, but which is the top seller? The answer may shock you!

The sales numbers don’t lie

A silver 2023 Jeep Compass with a sunset in the background and a city skyline.
2023 Jeep Compass | Stellantis

Good Car, Bad Car releases data about how well vehicles are selling. This is often done by the month or year going back several years. The results are in for March 2023, and Jeep isn’t exactly performing well. 

The Jeep Cherokee sold 3,283 vehicles in March. This is down 5.09%, as it sold 3,459 models in 2022. The year-to-date sales are 40,322. That’s a huge hit for the Jeep Cherokee, selling 89,126 vehicles last year. This is a dip of 54.76%.

The Jeep Renegade didn’t fare much better. It sold 1,309 vehicles in March 2023, and 1,727 in 2022. This is a loss of 24.20%. The year-to-date sales are 27,551, while it was 47,138 in 2022. That’s a drop of 41.55%.

The Compass sold 6,659 vehicles in March 2023. This is up 13.42% from last year when it sold only 5,871. The sales number for the year are up 13.93% already, as the Compass sold 86,175 vehicles YTD, while last year it sold 75,642.

The Compass beat out the Cherokee

The Cherokee has long been one of Jeep’s better sellers. Many other models have come and gone, like the Jeep Patriot, but the Cherokee seems unstoppable. 

Many drivers are drawn to the fact that it’s a decent daily driver and can also handle some light off-roading. It also tends to get good reviews from critics. The Cherokee often tends to be overshadowed by the Grand Cherokee, but for those who can’t afford its bigger sibling, the Cherokee is a nice runner-up.

Or it used to be, however. The sales data for March 2023 seems to be hinting that more consumers are turning toward the Jeep Compass for their small SUV needs. 

The reasons for this vary, but it could have to do with the fact that Jeep has chosen to halt production on the Cherokee in favor of building EVs. Many owners have learned that when an automaker stops production on a vehicle, they also stop production on the parts needed for repairs. This may be why some consumers are turning to the Compass.

Only the Compass saw any sales growth

Not only has the Compass outsold the Cherokee and the Renegade, but it’s also the only small SUV from Jeep to see any sales growth. It wasn’t wildly large numbers, but it was enough to bring in a profit.

So how did this happen? It could have to do with some of the minor improvements that Jeep has made to the Compass. It’s been given a more powerful engine, a new 4×4 system, and improved fuel economy. All of these go a long way toward making small SUVs more attractive for consumers who are unsure which model to buy. 

The new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder can generate 200 hp, unlike the previous 177 hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder. Then there are some safety features that will make the Compass more attractive to growing families, such as a rear seat alert, a security alarm, and a drowsy driver alert.

The Jeep Compass is far from perfect, but it’s been through enough changes to generate some much-needed attention. The Cherokee, meanwhile, appears to be on its way out for the time being. It is possible that Jeep will bring it back in the future, but some consumers don’t want to risk it.


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