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Jeep takes Memorial Day seriously, it would seem. The American automaker has decided to commemorate the men and women of the United States military in a special way, with the release of Freedom variants spread across its lineup. Now, you’ll be able to order any new Jeep with the special package. It’s just an appearance package, but honestly, it seems like half the Wranglers on the road have an American flag on them, so why not just have the dealership slap a few flags on there? At least that way the stickers will be on straight.

Jeep Freedom: for a good cause

The black wheel of the white Jeep Grand Cherokee Freedom
Grand Cherokee Freedom | Jeep

Thankfully, this isn’t just some vain marketing ploy from a manufacturer to garner support from military-associated clientele. The Toledo-based manufacturer is going to put their money where their mouths are by donating $250 to the USO. This isn’t just a one-time donation either, the automaker will do it for every Freedom Edition Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, or other models that are sold.

This isn’t a totally new trim level, however. The Wrangler has offered a Freedom Edition for some time now. To be frank, the Wrangler is also the vehicle that looks best with the trim level, given its military origins. The Willys is of course largely responsible for the recognition the brand receives globally, but it’s good to see the option being extended to the rest of the range while simultaneously backing a good cause.

What’s in the Freedom trim

The interior of the Jeep Wrangler Freedom
The Wrangler Freedom interior | Jeep

In addition to extending the Freedom option package to new models, there are also some changes to the package to help it have a little more of a military flair. For 2021, Freedom models will have “Oscar Mike” embossed into the seat headrests, which is military lingo for “on the move.” Fitting, given the active lifestyle often associated with the brand. Fret not, there are still more changes and features in the Freedom package.

The most notable of these changes comes on the exterior of models. Freedom-equipped models will all have a very large and very prominent star graphic on the hood. Whether this works on the Jeep you may have in mind depends, but the star certainly looks better on the larger vehicles like the Gladiator and Grand Cherokee. There’s also some new blacked-out wheels and American flag decals on the fenders.

Freedom isn’t free, and neither is the trim level

A dirty Jeep badge
A dirty Jeep is a happy Jeep | Jakub Porzycki via Getty Images

Given the extra visual changes, the Freedom Edition adds, it’s safe to say prices on models will reflect that. For example, a 2021 Wrangler will run you $27,900. According to Jeep, a Freedom Edition Wrangler comes out to $41,285. A big jump to be sure, but there’s also some other goodies thrown in for the price; such as the Technology Group option pack. This comes with a host of climate control upgrades as well as Android Auto and Carplay. If the $250 isn’t enough feel-good, Jeep says that active and retired service members are up for a $500 incentive on any model.


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