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If you’re in the market for a new midsize truck, turn to the experts to find the best options. Depending on what you require, many different models could be excellent choices. However, experts like JD Power prefer some trucks over others. More specifically, it thinks the best midsize trucks are also the cheapest. What makes these more affordable models better, according to JD Power?

JD Power ranked 6 midsize trucks

A 2022 Toyota Tacoma midsize truck driving in the dirt. JD Power likes the cheapest ones best.
2022 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

First, on JD Power‘s site, it ranked six different midsize trucks. Using information from owners of the vehicles, it ranks them based on what owners like and dislike. Furthermore, the last place models are tied with an 80 overall score. The Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator are ranked lowest and are also the most expensive. Each one starts much higher than those ahead, like the Gladiator’s starting price of $35,315. While that doesn’t seem wildly unaffordable, it’s a lot compared to the starting price of the top-ranked Ford Ranger, which costs $25,285.

After the first-place Ranger, the most popular midsize truck, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma is next. Following the two class leaders are the GMC and Chevrolet equivalents, the Canyon and Colorado. Each one received the same score from JD Power, an 81 out of 100. Overall, all four of these leading models are far less expensive than the Ridgeline and Gladiator. JD Power thinks the best midsize trucks are also the cheapest.

The Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator are too expensive

Red Honda Ridgeline pickup truck demonstrating its towing capacity by trailering in the desert, mountains visible in the background.
2021 Ridgeline Sport with HPD Package.

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline and Jeep Gladiator are ranked last by JD Power. However, they aren’t far behind the class-leading models. Each one received an 80 out of 100 overall, which is just a single point shy of the GMC and Chevrolet offerings. For the Ridgeline, owners dislike the voice assistance system, braking performance, and the driving experience. Its strongest category is resale value, but driving experience and quality/reliability are lacking.

Alternatively, customers don’t like how loud the Jeep Gladiator’s cabin is while driving. Next, the Jeep truck gets poor fuel economy and can’t go far distances without filling up. Lastly, it does not handle or steer as well as rivals in stable conditions. Unlike the Ridgeline, quality and reliability are decent, however, the driving experience is even worse for many owners.

2022 Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma are the best and cheapest

In first place is the 2022 Ford Ranger, which starts at $25,285. Although some owners dislike the rear seat comfort and a few other small things, there’s a lot to like about it. For example, the engine feels powerful, fuel economy is good, and it’s easy to maneuver. Its average driving experience is made up for by excellent marks in quality, reliability, and resale value, which is an outstanding 95 out of 100.

Next, the most popular midsize truck, the Toyota Tacoma, excels in many areas. For example, the truck feels safe and protective in case of an accident. In complete opposition to the Gladiator, owners love how quiet the cabin inside is while driving. Lastly, the resale value for the Tacoma is excellent, as is the quality and reliability of the midsize truck. Best of all, it starts at just over $26,000 for the base model.

JD Power loves the cheapest midsize trucks

In conclusion, the experts at JD Power, using information from owners, think the best midsize trucks are also the cheapest. Unfortunately, besides being the most expensive, the bottom-ranked models have other issues. Customers might be less tolerant of their minor problems because of the higher starting price. Regardless, your best bet to get high value from a midsize truck remains with the cheapest models, like the 2022 Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, and GMC Canyon.


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