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The news comes in the middle of two wild accidents for the now 72-year-old comedian. Last November, Jay Leno was working on a gas line of an antique car in his collection when a fire erupted and burned one side of his face. Then, on January 17th, Jay rode his 1940 Indian motorcycle into an unmarked cable blocking a parking lot. The motorcycle accident broke multiple bones, but Jay returned to work ten days later. Now, Jay is hit with the news of his show being canceled.

Why was Jay Leno’s Garage canceled?

It is the final days of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC. After a seven-season run, the series that showcases Jay Leno’s extensive car collection is canceled, according to The Hollywood Reporter, due to some heavy scheduling shifts in the network. Taking its place will be reruns of reality tv like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss. The Jay Leno’s Garage Youtube channel is seemingly unaffected by this. However, Jay continues to post once a week, driving a different car from his collection.

The television series served as a way for the network to keep Jay on the air. Jay left as host of the Tonight Show for the second time in February 2014. The network ordered Jay Leno’s Garage just a few months later. With guests on the show like POTUS Joe Biden, it pulls in good numbers for the network. However, the show’s primary focus is Jay’s car collection stored in his 122,000-square-foot warehouse in Burbank, California.

Does Jay Leno own all the cars in Jay Leno’s garage?

Jay Leno's Garage Season 4
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As a matter of fact, yes. Jay Leno’s Garage is based entirely on his car collection. Jay’s collection has over 300 unique vehicles from steam-powered, all-electric, and even turbine powered. Some of Jay’s cars in his collection are now worth millions of dollars. For example, the 1934 Duesenberg Walker Coupe in his collection is worth 20 million dollars on its own. However, despite the astronomical value of over 100 million dollars in his current collection, Jay is said to have never spent any of his Tonight Show host money on the collection.

How did Jay Leno start his collection?

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Jay Leno was not always extremely wealthy. He began working life by running errands as a self-described “lot boy” for a luxury car dealership. Driving Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, and BMW cars to customers, Jay became accustomed to all different types of cars. After saving up some money, Jay bought his first vehicle, a 1934 Ford pickup truck. One of Jay’s first cars that he still has in his collection is a 1965 Buick Roadmaster that he bought for just $350.

What is next for Jay Leno?

Considering Jay is well into his seventies, at this point, he may finally look to retire. However, knowing how much life he has left, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Jay jump to the next show opportunity he has. While the Youtube channel for Jay Leno’s Garage is still up in the air, it may continue as Jay’s outlet for creativity. We hope to see more of Jay and his collection as the years go on.


Jay Leno’s Car Collection Is a Fraction of His Net Worth