James May’s Tesla Complaints Are Hilariously Specific

Tesla has been rolling out its all-electric vehicles since 2008. Owners of Tesla cars, such as James May, enjoy sharing their thoughts on the various models they’ve driven. Whether they love or hate Tesla vehicles, they all have some interesting things to say about their vehicles.

In a DriveTribe YouTube video, May, a Tesla owner in England shares what’s on his mind about his current Model S. He offers six things he hates about it. Let’s see whether he regrets his purchase.

James May complains about Tesla Model S electronic features

One thing he finds irksome is a slight clunking noise emanating from the back of the vehicle. It appears to come from the rear suspension on the Tesla, and he notices it happens on all Tesla models he’s ever driven. 

The auto-off feature can also be annoying in his experience. Imagine getting out of an idling Tesla to perform a quick, simple task, like opening a gate to drive through. In that approximately 30-second time frame, the Tesla turns itself off. You then have to get back in and start it once more to get going again. 

The third electronic feature May finds frustrating is what he calls “the blaring boot.” In America, the boot is the trunk of the vehicle. As the trunk lid closes, the Tesla gives off a warning sound that doesn’t seem annoyingly loud during the day. But at 5 a.m., the noise might wake up the neighbors. 

He complains about the exterior styling of his Model S

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James May isn’t really this nitpicky about Tesla vehicles, especially his Model S Long Range sedan. But in the video, he puts a comedic spin on the things he “hates” about his car. 

When it comes to the styling of his Tesla, he names the lettering as a bit of a turnoff. Though some Tesla vehicles’ lettering is sophisticated, others evoke a “spaghetti Western,” he says. He finds the lettering on his Model S strange compared with the classic Tesla logo. 

The door handles are another off-putting feature of his Tesla. He despises that he has to tap them to get them to pop out for use. Why can’t they just open automatically when you approach the door with the key in your pocket?

The final frustrating thing on May’s list is that his Model S is filthy. When you pay good money for a car, you expect it to be spotless — not only when you buy it but also several months down the road. 

So, does James May really hate his Tesla?

Though May explains six things he supposedly hates about his Tesla, it was just in jest. When you’re asked to come up with a list of things you don’t like about something you really love, why not run with it and have a bit of fun? That’s what he did in the video. 

He even says there are about 807 things he loves about his Tesla. Making up a list of features he hates couldn’t have been easy for him. What he conjured up would’ve sounded outrageously nitpicky if he were serious.

As it stands, though, May brings up some interesting points, whether they’re justified or just plain funny. When you think about it, the issue of a filthy car isn’t exclusive to Tesla. If your car is dirty, you can’t blame the automaker. 

His Tesla Model S Long Range offers many great features that most Tesla owners probably adore. They include May himself.