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James May is a well-known expert in the car world. He has been testing and reviewing some of the finest vehicles around the world for decades. Plus, he owns his own impressive collection of cars.

As one of the most trusted car professionals in the world, his opinion and knowledge are unrivaled. So when futuristic Tesla unveiled its fastest-accelerating vehicle in the lineup, it is no surprise that James May wanted to give the new Tesla Model S P100D his review. How did the Drivetribe review on the Model S go?

James May’s biggest criticisms of the Tesla Model S P100D

In regards to the Model S P100D‘s style, May comments simply, “it’s alright.” But in true James May form, he is more concerned about the car’s performance, speed, and impressiveness.

May finds the interior of the Tesla Model S nothing too impressive, minimalist in its design. Though minimalism seems to be all the rage these days. May doesn’t find that the style of the interior matches the vehicle’s luxurious price tag — especially when it comes to Tesla’s color choices. The giant electronic display screen and impressive infotainment system do help sweeten the deal for May, however.

Surprisingly, one of James May’s biggest criticisms of the Model S P100D is its trunk. While large trunk spaces are typically a positive feature, May points out that a large trunk is unnecessary in a car that’s meant to be driven fast.

In fact, May claims that unnecessarily large trunks encourage owners to carry around things they don’t need. And though May applauds Tesla’s use of vegan leather, he does point out again, the lack of color.

What made James May fall in love with the Tesla Model S P100D

May finds the interior space roomy, with plenty of leg and foot room in the rear. The infotainment system is one of the most impressive features of the interior for May. He calls it “magnificent,” bragging about not just its size and quality, but its many options and features.

Tesla keeps on improving the world of electric cars, with a new maximum range of more than 300 miles before needing a charge.

James May was skeptical that an electric vehicle could make his heart race like a traditional muscle car. But by the end of his review, he was calling it “the greatest muscle car America has ever produced.” Breaking all ideas and opinions on what a high-performing vehicle should be, the Model S doesn’t guzzle gas or leave a heavy carbon footprint.

The fact that it is electric leaves May feeling as though the quiet speed it gets up to is somehow done by “magic.”

James May’s conclusions

The performance and acceleration are extremely impressive to May, regardless of what fuels the Model S. The highest of its three performance modes can put the Model S P100D up to 60 mph in just over two seconds.

In fact, James May seems pleasantly surprised by how quickly the Tesla Model S pushes his entire body back into the seat. Even the smallest, minute features made May’s drive great. This even includes the special “whoopie cushion” feature that can move from seat to seat for some mid-drive pranking.

Though James May might say that the Tesla Model S P100D looks “like a Stormtrooper’s helmet up front,” that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, James May gives this impressive car his thumbs up- believing that Tesla is taking the muscle car of the future in the perfect direction.

Even one of the most opinionated of car experts is finding that electric car possibilities are endless in the hands of Tesla!