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When watching a James Bond film, the cars and all of the mouth-watering tech that equips them is a highlight. Whether it’s the submarine Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me or the Aston Martin V12 from Die Another Day, we’ve all dreamed of how it would feel to get our hands on a car from the film. No vehicle is more synonymous with the 007 franchise than the Aston Martin DB5. Now, the car, along with a few wonderful surprises, can be all yours.

The Aston Martin DB5

The year is 1964, and the 007 franchise was still in its early stages. The iconic Goldfinger film — starring Sean Connery as the British secret agent — saw the rise of the Aston Martin DB5. One of the most iconic cars Aston Martin has ever made, the vehicle’s 285-hp engine allows it to reach speeds up to 145 miles per hour.

The DB5 featured in the Bond film and going on sale is among the remaining three Aston Martins from the four built for use in the movie. It had a few previous owners, and it also spent most of its time in a car museum. So, you can own a piece of film and auto history along with the cool gadgets you appreciated from the film.

The car every spy needs

The Aston Martin DB5 comes loaded with gadgets that appeared in the Goldfinger film. If you always wondered what it feels like to be a secret agent, then owning this DB5 will take you one step closer.

One of the car’s gadgets is a rotating number plate with three different plate options. The life of a secret agent comes with dangers, so the car has .30 caliber machine guns that pop out when you flip a switch. The vehicle also provides camouflage via a smokescreen.

Need space? The fitted extending hydraulic rams come in handy when you want to push adversaries out of your way. The back is fitted with oil slick to get others off the road. A rear retractable bulletproof screen provides extra protection. You also have the option of tire slashers fitted in the vehicle’s wheel hubs or nails that release on your command.

The driver’s seat is where the magic happens. A command center for all the spy gadgets, the tech includes a radar sensor and a phone to connect you to headquarters. The center console features all the buttons and switches. To top it off, there’s an ejector seat button for a quick getaway.

Unfortunately, the car will cost you between four and six million dollars. RM Sotheby’s hopes that whoever buys it will continue to display it. Will you be the one?