James Bond Will Drive a Limited-Edition Aston Martin in ‘Spectre’

Source: Ben Stanstall/Getty Images

Actor Daniel Craig will be back as James Bond in a new Bond film, along with all the girls and guns that secret agent fans have come to expect from the franchise. Of course, there’s also one more important detail to go along with it: the new Bond car.

The new film, titled Spectre, will see James Bond climb behind the wheel of a new special-edition Aston Martin DB10, which is sleek, sexy and completely fitting of the secret agent. We’ll all have to sit back and watch as Daniel Craig joins Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, and others to take on a secretive new enemy. But again, what we’re really interested in at this point is that DB10.

So, what is the deal with this limited-edition Aston Martin masterpiece? Well, it will be built specifically for the new movie, putting a stake through the heart of almost everyone’s chances of ever getting to drive one. Also, Aston Martin will reportedly only be building 10 of them in total, and of course there’s always the real possibility that one or two of them will meet their end during filming.

Not only will the DB10 be one of the most rare and sought-after vehicles Aston Martin has ever produced, but you will probably never get a chance to even see one, let alone get behind the wheel, or take it home. The car itself is also a throwback to the DB5, which saw screentime in other Bond movies, including the last film from 2012, Skyfall.

Source: Ben Stanstall/Getty Images

Even if you’re not a James Bond fan, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about the new DB10. Chiefly, the car itself is offering a sneak peak into the future of Aston Martin engineering. Bloomberg reports that the small luxury car maker is in the midst of a $783 million expansion, set to take place through 2017. The tie-in to the new Bond movie will give Aston Martin a huge audience to show off one of its latest and greatest, and hopefully garner some customer interest.

Also of note? The DB10 appearance in Spectre will mark the half-century anniversary of Aston Martin’s relationship with the James Bond franchise. “In the same year that we celebrate our 50-year relationship with 007, it seems doubly fitting that today we unveiled this wonderful new sports car created especially for James Bond,” said Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmeraccording to Jalopnik. “To be partnering once again with EON Productions is great news for this company and for everyone around the world that loves to see Bond at the wheel of an Aston Martin.”

Though the movie isn’t due out for quite a while with a November 2015 release date, there is still plenty of time to get excited to see the new DB10 in action, and also to speculate as to where else Aston Martin may be reaching in the future. The company’s headquarters in Gaydon, England, are set to undergo a big facelift, as the company’s brass anticipates an uptick in production. Along with the DB10, there are plenty of other exciting models in the Aston Martin lineup for consumers to get excited about, including the Vantage S and the Vanquish Carbon Edition.

All in all, it’s a pretty exciting time for Aston Martin, and the new DB10 is the icing on the cake at this point. Though we have to wait a while to see it on the big screen, here’s to hoping the delay is more than worth it.