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Jaguar confirmed that it will be killing off the F-Type after the 2024 model year. This means that the lineup will only consist of the entry-level XF sedan and a few crossovers. A 75th-anniversary model will be released for the European market to commemorate its final production run, but we have yet to hear about a special edition for the U.S.

The Jaguar F-Type made a nice little paw print in the market

2023 Jaguar F-Type
2023 Jaguar F-Type | Jaguar

The Jaguar F-Type made its debut in 2014 primarily as a convertible and eventually as a coupe. It competed with sports coupe stalwarts like the Chevrolet Corvette and the Porsche Cayman, but it never amassed the same type of following. According to Good Car Bad Car, Jaguar sold a maximum of 4,108 F-Types during the 2017 model year, but sales declined after that.

Compare that number to the over 20,000 Corvette units sold in the same year, and we can see why the F-Type is getting the axe soon. However, it did leave a nice little pawprint on the automotive market, and we’re sure used examples will be popular in the coming years.

The F-Type pushed a good amount of power

The supercharged V8 found in the 2023 Jaguar F-Type
2023 Jaguar F-Type | Jaguar

During its time in production, the Jaguar F-Type saw a few changes. It initially came with a supercharged V6 or V8 engine, but a turbocharged four-cylinder later joined the lineup. Also, an automatic transmission sent power to the rear wheels in the initial model years, but a manual transmission was offered on the V6 engine later. However, Jaguar slimmed things down and only offered a V8 with an automatic transmission after the 2019 model year.

For the 2023 model year, the Jaguar F-Type is offered with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that either puts out 444 hp or 575 hp, depending on the trim level. It can also be optioned up in a rear-drive or all-wheel-drive format. As for pricing, buyers looking to get their hands on an F-Type before it goes away can expect to pay between $73,400 and $111,200, depending on which trim level and body style they choose.

What about the Jaguar F-Type 75th anniversary edition?

The rear badge on a 2023 Jaguar F-Type
2023 Jaguar F-Type | Jaguar

As for the 75th-anniversary edition Jaguar F-Type (F-Type 75) — which commemorates 75 years since the XK120 – it dons a few appearance tweaks, a new color, and a few interior and exterior changes. The F-Type 75 will wear 20-inch wheels with a diamond-turned finish and a couple of suspension upgrades like updated upper ball joints for improved handling.

There’s also a pair of sport bucket seats and a special trim piece on the infotainment system. Anyone looking to get a piece of British motoring should act soon. The Jaguar F-Type will soon bow out of the market, and the chances of us seeing a V8-powered coupe in the future is rather slim.

Although it would be cool to see a hybrid or electric-powered coupe made by Jaguar. After all, they do make the I-Pace, so we don’t think an EV coupe is too much of a stretch. Until then, we’ll have our fingers crossed.


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