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Jaguar has seemed to be struggling lately, with the new CEO killing the majority of Jaguar’s future products and completely eliminating SUVs. The automaker is also planning to eliminate all gas-powered vehicles by 2025. And the latest news is eliminating most of the available trims for the 2021 Jaguar XF. This last move might actually be a pretty good one since the 2020 XF trim had 10 available trims. 

Why did Jaguar cut out most of the 2020 XF trims for the 2021 model?

Silver Jaguar XF Chequered Flag Edition (R-Sport) luxury performance sedan on display at Brussels Expo
The Jaguar XF | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Jaguar cut a total of seven trims from the 2020 XF, leaving three available trims for 2021. It also cut out the wagon, and will only come as a sedan. According to Car and Driver, the main reason was to simplify things. By eliminating several trims, Jaguar was able to really hone the XF and make the 2021 model better.

It also simplifies things for car shoppers. Particularly for first-time car buyers, too many options and trims can be overwhelming and potentially scare off buyers.

The interior got an upgrade for the 2021 model

As part of the process, the 2021 Jaguar XF interior saw quite a few upgrades. The dash and instrument panel both got redone, and the retractable dial-a-gear shifter was replaced with an electronic shifter for the eight-speed automatic transmission. You also have the option of doing the shifting yourself with steering-wheel paddles. The dash features open-pore wood treatment, which, apparently, actually smells like wood.

The Pivo Pro infotainment system has an 11.4-inch touchscreen and is intuitive and easy to use. You also get a 12-speaker Meridian hi-fi sound system, which, along with the larger touchscreen, is standard on all trims. The interior also feels a lot more luxurious than in previous years, and the back seat will easily sit your taller friends. It also seems better insulated against road and wind noise.

The exterior also got a little bit of a change, with more elegant lines, a new grille, new bumpers, and new taillights. It also comes with LED headlights and running lights. You can also opt for a package that blacks out part of the trim.

The 2021 Jaguar XF

Jaguar eliminated the V6 engine option and is offering two engine choices, both of which are 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines. The base engine puts out 245 hp and 269 lbs-ft of torque, while the second engine puts out 296 hp and 295 lbs-ft of torque. The base trim comes with front-wheel drive, and the other two trims both have all-wheel drive. The EPA-estimated fuel economy ranges from 23-25 MPG city and 33-34 MPG highway. 

In terms of performance, the loss of the V6 takes away a lot of power. The top speed ranges from 130-155 MPH, and the 0-60 MPH speed ranges from 5.9 seconds to 6.8 seconds, not really coming close to Jaguar’s claim of 5.6 seconds. The quarter-mile time is slower also, ranging between 14.4 seconds to 15.1 seconds. And while it handles quite well on corners, with responsive steering and a well-balanced chassis, the all-season rubber tires slow the braking time.

Less is sometimes more, and for the 2021 Jaguar XF that truism mostly holds true. Killing off seven out of 10 trims allowed Jaguar to improve many aspects of the XF, and may prompt higher sales.

It does not hurt that the starting price for the XF is $45,145, a full $10,000 less than the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6. Bringing back the V6 option would probably also help, but with Jaguar eliminating gas-powered vehicles, that is not likely. With a more mature and refined look and feel, as well as a much more attractive price, the XF could bring Jaguar back from the brink. 


The Jaguar XF Receives Discounts of up to $17,000