Jaguar Has Wild Plans for the Next F-Type

Brexit may be putting the squeeze on Jaguar, but things aren’t over yet for the British automaker. Jaguar has big plans, and disappointed consumers who were eager for the C-X75 and never got it may finally get their wish. Auto Car reports that Jaguar is seriously considering bringing back all the concepts that made the C-X75 so great in an F-Type car. 


According to Road & Track, the C-X75 was supposed to be a “hybrid supercar.” For various reasons the C-X75 never made it into production, which was a real shame.

For consumers who are curious about what the specs were for the C-X75 so that they have a better idea of what the new F-Type will be, Road & Track has information that may shed some light on the situation. “In the C-X75 concept, the engine is a twin-charged (super- and turbocharged) inline four-cylinder mounted behind the cabin that’s two electric motors up front.” 

If you’re scratching your head wondering why Jaguar wouldn’t follow through with production on such an incredible car, you aren’t alone. Jaguar apparently decided to focus on the I-Pace, which was Jaguar’s first electric SUV. It probably seemed like a lucrative decision at the time. The market for SUVs is booming in spite of inflated gas prices, and electric car sales are quickly gaining traction. It seemed to make good business sense to create an electric SUV, which would be the answer to consumers who are tired of paying high prices for gas. 

It now appears as if that decision may be backfiring, however. Consumers who were eager to buy the I-Pace are now regretting their decision. It makes one wonder if Jaguar may have been better off producing the C-X75, and the fact that the automaker is now using some of the concepts in another car may be a sign that Jaguar is wondering the same.

We did get a glimpse of the C-X75 in James Bond Spectre, which only served to remind consumers of what they couldn’t have. There were seven cars built specifically for the film. Four of those cars were produced to perform some of the amazing stunts filmed in the movie.


Jaguar appears to be leaning towards a mid-engine car, although that is still up in the air. According to MotorTrend, “Jaguar is still deciding whether the next-gen F-Type should use a mid-engined, hybrid-assisted combustion engine or become a fully electric vehicle.” 

With the huge success of the 2020 Chevy Corvette, which is the first model to feature a mid-engine, it’s no wonder that other automakers are considering following suit. 


While the C-X75 version of the F-Type is still in the development phases, the 2020 F-Type was spotted recently at the Nürburgring track. Motor 1 reported on the video and seemed highly impressed with the F-Type’s performance. 

While Motor 1 doesn’t believe the F-Type is in the same arena as the Porsche 911 Carrera and the Mercedes-AMG GT, which were also spotted in the video, the F-Type still managed to turn heads. 

It’s exciting to get a look at where the F-Type is currently and where Jaguar could possibly take it in the future.

When we’ll see the new C-X75 version of F-Type

According to Auto Car, it will be at least another three years before the new F-Type officially hits the market. That may seem like a long time to wait, but as technology rapidly advances, the new F-Type may be better than expected. If Jaguar takes its time and brings out a spectacular new supercar, the wait will be more than worth it.