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J.D. Power and Edmunds offer two of the most well-respected opinions in the automotive industry. However, that doesn’t mean they always agree on everything. For the midsize truck category, the two couldn’t disagree more. J.D. Power’s best midsize truck is the 2022 Ford Ranger, but Edmunds has it ranked dead last.

J.D. Power best midsize truck

J.D. Power and Edmunds disagree on where the 2022 Ford Ranger ranks among the best midsize trucks.
The 2022 Ford Ranger pickup truck | Ford

J.D. Power‘s best overall midsize truck is the 2022 Ford Ranger. J.D. Power ranked it ahead of every other model in the crowded segment. As the best of the best, it beat the popular Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Honda Ridgeline. There’s a lot that J.D. Power liked about the Ranger, and owners like it even more.

The publication loves the quality and reliability, and resale value the most. Both are very high, scoring 85/100 and 95/100, respectively. Additionally, the driving experience is pretty good, scoring 72/100. Although those numbers are far from perfect, they’re enough to outrank every other model. Lastly, the Ranger has excellent engine power and fuel economy for its class.

Edmunds’ worst midsize truck

J.D. Power and Edmunds disagree on where the 2022 Ford Ranger ranks among the best midsize trucks.
The 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak | Ford

Edmunds‘ worst midsize truck overall is the 2022 Ford Ranger. Although the two reviewers have other models ranked similarly, Edmunds dropped the Ranger far out of the top rankings. Models like the Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, and Toyota Tacoma sit atop the list. However, J.D. Power’s favorite midsize truck is ranked seventh, or dead last, in Edmunds’ rankings.

However, Edmunds didn’t give the Ranger a particularly low score overall. It’s only 1.7 points short of the first place Ridgeline, but why is it so far behind? Edmunds doesn’t like the unsettling ride, limited in-cabin storage, and infotainment system. Moreover, the infotainment system lacks shortcut buttons and isn’t always the most responsive system. Overall, it’s far from terrible but fails to beat out other models.

The 2022 Ford Ranger is an excellent midsize truck


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Overall, J.D. Power and Edmunds disagree on where the 2022 Ford Ranger ranks among midsize trucks. However, the two agree it’s an excellent option for buyers. Both outlets love the acceleration and power of the standard engine. Additionally, modern safety features are a highlight for the pair of reviewers, even in the base model Ranger.

Although the two reviewers’ rankings differ significantly, neither dislikes the Ranger. The segment is very close in quality. Even for J.D. Power’s rankings, the Ranger placed just barely ahead of the Tacoma, Colorado, and Ridgeline. In the same vein, Edmunds’ rankings only differ by under 2 points from top to bottom.

J.D. Power’s best midsize truck is Edmunds’ worst

In conclusion, J.D. Power thinks the 2022 Ford Ranger is the best midsize truck. However, Edmunds believes it’s the worst option for buyers right now. Neither reviewer has a wide margin between midsize models, so most are excellent choices. Choosing the Ranger will get buyers a reliable, safe model with plenty of modern safety features. In addition, the current model year Ford midsize truck is well-priced and gets competitive fuel economy.