J.D. Power Totally Disagrees With Consumer Reports About 2021 Chevy Colorado Reliability

The 2021 Chevy Colorado truck is causing a disagreement among the experts. J.D. Power and Consumer Reports seem to disagree about the Chevy Colorado’s reliability. What made this pickup truck a reliable choice? J.D. Power explains.

Consumer Reports debates the 2021 Chevy Colorado’s reliability

The 2021 Chevy Colorado is debated by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power
The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck on a mountain road | Chevrolet

Consumer Reports has never been a big fan of the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. In the reliability history dating back to 2005, the Chevy Colorado is all over the place. The 2017 Colorado started a freefall into bad reliability scores, which ended in 2020. However, the 2020 Chevy Colorado had a good reliability rating, which again tanked for 2021. The 2021 Chevy Colorado received a reliability score of one out of five.

Oddly enough, the list of positives is much longer than the list of negatives. Consumer Reports said it was easy to maneuver and could tow more than enough for most buyers. Compared to the competition from Nissan and Toyota, the pickup truck was smaller and had a better ride. The diesel option is fuel-efficient and makes it easier to tow, and it is the only compact truck in the U.S. with a diesel option.

But it fell short in comfort all around. The ride was stiff and choppy, the uncomfortable seats, and the deals on full-size trucks were better. Finally, Consumer Reports thought it could use more safety features. Even basic driver assistant features like forward collision warning (FCW) and blind-spot warning (BSW) are only optional.

J.D. Power gave the 2021 Chevy Colorado a positive review

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For J.D. Power, the 2021 Chevy Colorado satisfied in most areas. The experts put the pickup truck in third place on the list of other midsize pickup trucks. With a score of 81 overall, the 2021 Colorado scored high in the quality and reliability sections, the resale section, and the dealership experience area.

For the section where owners discuss what areas stood out as positive, the engine’s power was a stand-out. The overall fuel economy and the steering/handling also made the list. J.D. Power said, “Efficient, powerful performance; quiet, refined interior; smart truck technology.” The experts also noted that the Colorado was a solid truck for those who need to work and play.

In the area of technology, Chevy included the Infotainment 3 System with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability. J.D. Power noted that FCW and lane-departure warning (LDW) are available but not included. The Chevy truck does have Teen Driver technology to help create good driving in teens.

The experts don’t have to agree on this midsize pickup truck

Looking at the sales numbers for the Chevy Colorado from GoodCarBadCar, it sold a respectable amount. Combined with the twin GMC Canyon truck, the two GM trucks came in second place overall for 2021. The Toyota Tacoma was first with 252,520 units sold in 2021, followed by the Colorado/Canyon with 97,133. Without factoring in the GMC Canyon, the Chevrolet Colorado sold 73,008 units. That still puts it in fourth overall.

While the experts at Consumer Reports and J.D. Power might disagree about the Colorado’s reliability, it doesn’t mean it is a bad truck. Owners seem satisfied enough with the pickup truck. On the bright side, Consumer Reports said the 2020 Chevy Colorado is a reliable used truck. Perhaps buying a reliable used pickup truck is a better idea.

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