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There’s plenty to pick from if you’re shopping the luxury segment for a three-row SUV. Contenders might include the 2021 Volvo XC90 and the Audi Q7. But of these two SUVs, which one would you be better off buying?

2021 Audi Q7 in front of mountains
2021 Audi Q7 | Audi

The 2021 Audi Q7

Standard with Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system and boasting enough seating for up to seven passengers, Audi claims the 2021 Q7 is here to set the standard for the luxury SUV segment. At the heart and soul of it, you’ll find a 248-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, though it can also be had with a more powerful engine under its hood.

The Audi Q7 offers plenty of safety features too. Use its top view camera system with a virtual 360° view to get an understanding of what’s surrounding the vehicle. For the ultimate peace of mind, consider available safety features like Audi Active lane assist with Emergency assist which monitors the position of the vehicle and provides steering guidance.

There is no shortage of premium interior amenities to be had either. Its high-resolution 12.3-inch instrument cluster delivers a wealth of information and boasts Google Earth capabilities. Meanwhile, its 10.1-inch touchscreen allows you to access navigation, infotainment features, and more. Add in an available WiFi hotspot and this Audi has a lot going for it.

The 2021 Volvo XC90

If you’re after a luxury SUV that offers multiple engine options and is available with all-wheel drive, then look no further than the 2021 Volvo XC90. It’s not only standard with a 250-hp engine under the hood, but this year’s new Volvo XC90 can also be had as a hybrid SUV.

This Volvo makes nary a compromise when it comes to safety features too. It’s standard with a slew of intelligent driver-assist technologies and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), earned itself a five-star safety rating.

And when it comes to interior amenities? This SUV knows just how to please. With premium features like leather upholstery, a high-performance audio system, and turn-by-turn navigation, this luxury SUV aims to please in far more ways than one.

If you go with a base model, choose the Volvo XC90

If you plan on buying a base model, Kelley Blue Book recommends choosing the 2021 Volvo XC90 over the Audi Q7. While both vehicles come powered by similar base engines, it’s the XC90 that offers better fuel economy ratings. The base XC90 will also cost you significantly less than the Audi Q7 will.

The Volvo XC90 offers up more cargo space 

The 2021 Volvo XC90 offers much more cargo space than the Audi Q7 too. While the XC90 offers up 85.7 cubic-feet of cargo space, the Audi Q7 offers only 69.6 cubic-feet of cargo space. It is worth noting, however, that when it comes to passenger space, the Audi Q7 does offer more space for passengers than the XC90 does.


More Comes Included in the 2021 Audi Q7 Than Ever

There are good reasons to choose the Q7 too

There are some advantages to choosing the Audi Q7. Unlike the Volvo XC90, the Audi Q7 can also be had with a powerful 3.0-liter turbo V6 engine. Kelley Blue Book reports too that the Audi Q7 “is extremely refined on the road, even when it starts to turn. The steering feels great and handling is confident, aided by Audi’s standard all-wheel drive.”

Which of these luxury SUVs is right for you?

In the end, it’s clear who should buy a Volvo XC90 and who should buy an Audi Q7. If you value performance and don’t mind a higher price tag, then the 2021 Audi Q7 was meant for you. And if you’re in need of a fuel-efficient SUV with plenty of cargo space? Opt for the 2021 Volvo XC90 instead.