It’s Almost 2021: Time For Something Kooky Like The Farizon FX

With 2020 thankfully fading fast it’s time to look ahead to a better new year. It makes you want to see something new and different. To that end we’ve got something to scratch that itch. This is the kooky Farizon FX and it’s a whole new beast. That’s because it combines the two vehicle segments Americans crave the most. Those would be an SUV and a pickup. Brilliantly, the Farizon FX is both.

Some find it odd while others think worse. But in many ways combining the two and doing it in this particular fashion could be brilliant. Or not. What was done was to take a standard, production Geely Boyue Pro SUV and bonk a pickup bed behind it. This is the purest sense of function over form. 

2020 Geely Boyue Pro SUV

The top helps to blend the body mass to the added bed

Yet, that angle at the back of the top helps to blend the body mass to the added bed. Would this look better with a longer wheelbase? Sure, but it now has a unique character and proportions that would be lost if reconfigured. 

2020 Geely Farizon FX | Geely

Because it’s based on the Geely SUV it has three rows of seating, an enclosed storage area in the rear, and beyond that the exposed pickup box. And Geely didn’t even bother to create new quarter panels. It just designed the box to be added to the body leaving the joint exposed, tying into what was once a soft bumper.

The nice wooden floor is classy and deluxe at the same time

It also completes the pickup bed with a nice wooden floor. It is classy and deluxe at the same time. The Farizon FX as a whole is a compelling-looking SUV because it is so different in both design and execution. 

Geely Farizon FX bed | Facebook

Powering this beautiful beast is a 184 hp 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It is listed with a top speed of 93 mph. That may seem like a low number but how fast can you legally go on the highway? Under 90 mph for sure-so, what’s your gripe?

Our biggest complaint is that the bed isn’t bigger

In fact, our biggest complaint is that the bed isn’t bigger. Measuring out to 3 ½-feet wide, 4-feet deep, and 1 ½-feet tall, the bed is compromised at best. We want to see a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood fit that bed. But for now, we’re looking at baby steps. After all, this is a whole new approach to making this three-row SUV/pickup mashup

2020 Geely Farizon FX SUV pickup advertising | Geely

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So, will we be seeing these in the US? Nothing from China has really hit our shores. There are lots of potential out there in Chinese automaker-land. But Geely seems to be a few years out before trying to establish itself here. The best we can do now is look at the images and dream a little. 

But make no mistake; we’ll be seeing something like this soon. It is too juicy for manufacturers to combine these two powerhouse segments in the US. One can only hope.