It’s 2020: Time For A Corvette SUV?

Ford announced this week that the all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV is sold out for the first year’s run. And Ford hasn’t even built one. In fact, it hasn’t even ramped up an assembly line for it yet. All of the Mustang enthusiasts screamed bloody murder about Ford calling an electric SUV a Mustang. But after what we know now, is it time for Chevy to make a Corvette SUV?

The Ford Mustang Mach-E on display during its reveal event.
Ford reveals its first mass-market electric car the Mustang Mach-E | MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

It would seem like it. Until the Mustang brand was borrowed by Ford to use on its first electric SUV we would have said, “Absolutely not.” But with how well it has been received may be other manufacturers should take their most iconic brands and slap their names onto electric SUVs.

Volkswagen is doing it, even if it’s taking them 35 years

VW ID Buzz, hopefully out before we’re all too old to care | VW

Volkswagen is doing it. Soon there will be an all-electric Microbus. Even though it is taking them 35 years to develop it, Volkswagen will one day have a Microbus in its showrooms that is an electric SUV. So, at least VW thinks it will work.

There are even some big-shot Wall Street investors that are suggesting it to Chevy. And, you know that anything they want another company to risk its existence for while they bet for and against success is worth that company doing. Right? 

They might not know good products from bad, but they’ll take the bet anyway. Look how it turned out for venture capitalists Cerberus and their purchase of Chrysler. On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t look at that example. It basically finished off Chrysler.

Corvette will very soon be Chevy’s only car

Corvette Stringray 2020
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

But what about the Corvette? It’s Chevy’s most iconic brand, and will soon be the only car that Chevy makes. The vaunted Camaro won’t be around past 2021 and according to product plans, there is no development for the next generation in the works. So, Corvette will soon be the only car Chevy sells in a sea of trucks and SUVs. 

That won’t work. Everyone coming into a Chevy dealership is there to buy a truck or SUV. No one will be there to purchase a car, so there will be no attraction to a car. Even a Corvette car. So Chevy will have to do something if it wants to keep the iconic Corvette name alive. That “something” is a Corvette SUV. 

It could be fiberglass or steel. Mid-engine or front-engine, it doesn’t matter. It just needs to happen before all is lost and we live in a non-Corvette world. Most people alive today have always had the opportunity to own a new Corvette. What would the world be without new Corvettes? Even if they must be SUVs, at least they live on.

We’ve sketched up the Corvette-SUV mashup for Chevy to ponder

Motor Biscuit Corvette SUV proposal | Motor Biscuit

So we have sketched up what an SUV made into a Corvette, or a Corvette made into an SUV might look like. Doing what Ford did we took Corvette cues and sprinkled them around the body of a typical SUV. Pretty handsome, isn’t it? Just like the Mustang Mach E was a successful application of certain Mustang cues and proportions, so too is our Corvette SUV. It applies everything we like-no love, about the new mid-engine Corvette wrapped in an SUV package. 

It doesn’t have to be practical or make a lot of sense, it will sell because it’s a Corvette! Ford developed the design for the Mustang Mach-E in four months. Seriously. Development had been ongoing for over two years when Ford big wigs walked into the studio and decreed that designers make it a Mustang. They only had four months and they did it. 

The Mach-E is Chevy’s template, now go get them Chevy

So Chevy should get on this and hopefully in six months, instead of six years like VW and its electric Microbus, it will have a Corvette SUV. And, within a month it will sell out its first year’s production just as the Mach-E has done. That’s your template Chevy. 

If you choose to cut corners and just copy our rendered suggestion, you have our permission–you’ve got our word. Take it!

Now, get on with it. We’re waiting.