It Takes 2 Days to Make An Aston Martin Wing Badge

Modifications to a vehicle are usually a matter of swapping out one part for another. For example, changing out stock tires and wheels for wider, more eye-catching units can be accomplished with a loosening and tightening of a few bolts (studs). However, other modifications can be more time consuming and labor-intensive. They involve custom work, such as cutting a body panel or molding new carbon fiber parts. However, Rarely does anybody outside the process actually see the work and effort entailed in the change. Thankfully, in this day of YouTube-everything, we have a glimpse into the process of making a seemingly simple modification for a badge on an Aston Martin. It turns out, it’s not as simple as presumed. 

The Aston Martin DBX JWW edition

An Aston Martin DBX sits in front of a Aston Martin building
The Aston Martin DBX | via YouTube Mr. JWW

Aston Martin is a manufacturer of prestigious performance machines. The British-born company produces vehicles that are stunning in their looks and in performance. Recently, the automaker has ventured into new territory with the launch of the DBX model. The vehicle is a crossover SUV. The struggling company hopes the DBX will be a high-volume seller for the struggling company. True to form, the vehicle is stunning all around. 

The Aston Martin DBX is so stunning that the creator of a YouTube channel, called Mr. JWW, has ordered his own with some custom work from the factory. But, that’s not all. The host of the videos, James William Walker, worked with Aston Martin to create an exclusive, limited run of the custom crossover SUV. So, now there’s a JWW version of the vehicle available from the factory. The special edition has a custom badge, Valkyrie based paint, unique stitching, and a full Alcantara interior. 

The Aston Martin badge modification

The Aston Martin DBX JWW version’s debut is happening a little at a time on the channel. The actual customer deliveries are expected to begin in March 2021. You can see a video about how the arrangement with the auto manufacturer came into being below.

In a more recent video, Mr. Walker walked through one modification the limited edition Aston Martin will have, a custom badge. Any company’s badge is tied to its legacy and brand identity. So, changing it is a big deal. For this project, it took approvals from the highest levels for the change to happen. Then there’s the work associated with the change. In this case, a badge is a small adornment on the DBX, but it takes two days to make. Two days! 

Thankfully, Mr. Walker was given the opportunity to see the custom badge’s creation. So, he brought his viewers along for a ride in the video posted below. Surprisingly, the badge is not a cheap plastic 3D printed piece. Instead, Aston Martin badges are the equivalent of car jewelry handled by master craftsmen with metal stamping, shaping, and lots of heat. 

According to the website that has been set up for the special edition Aston Martin, this custom DBX’s wing badge is, 

“Hewn from an ingot of solid copper, stamped under 350 tonnes of pressure, fired to 800ºc and finally each example hand polished to unveil a timeless, raw patina. The result is a truly exclusive emblem unlike anything Aston Martin has made before.”

A weighty piece of car jewelry

The Aston Martin wing badge undergoes heating from a torch.
The Aston Martin wing badge undergoes heating from a torch | via YouTube Mr. JWW

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Aston Martin has always been known for luxury touches. The wing badge is an example of that. Many manufacturers would go to a cheaper material that is less labor-intensive to work with. Aston has instead chosen to treat the badge as a piece of jewelry, a weighty one. So, modifying one ends up being a large task. But, the end result is a beautiful piece born out of two days of labor.