It Might Be Too Late To Order A 2021 Ford Bronco

If you wanted Ford’s smash hit Bronco you may have a wait on your hands unless you ordered it recently. That’s because there are currently over 230,000 reservations for it so far. The number isn’t verified, but rather came from the Bronco Forum Bronco6G. How many of these reservations will be filled remains to be seen but it raises the question, “is it too late to order a 2021 Bronco?” 

With reservations open only two weeks so far it’s an amazing first couple of weeks. All it takes is $100 which is refundable. If the number holds it would tie the best year of Wrangler sales in 2018 which was 240,000. Ford has been saying that there’s a good chance it may not be able to squeeze in more production.

We have seen a similar situation with the Tesla Cybertruck. It, too, received 250,000 for the Cybertruck in just two weeks. And it also opened reservations at just $100. Whether Ford got the idea from Tesla or not, it looks to be the way to go when a manufacturer senses a hit. 

There won’t be any Broncos hanging out at the local dealer for the curious to check out

2-door and 4-door 2021 Broncos
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

The downside is that there won’t be any Broncos hanging out at the local dealer for the curious to check out. Other than regional car shows or seeing one in the wild if you’re curious you’ll only have the internet to satisfy your interest. And that might help Jeep.

If a potential customer is driven enough to purchase a Bronco but can’t find any, he or she might skip across the street to the Wrangler showroom. Initially, Ford said deliveries would start in April 2021. Now, it’s saying June. Can it build 250,000 in just a few months? Ford is saying that Broncos with reservations will get priority before stock units are built. 

In December Ford will contact those with reservations to order a specific model and options. A dealer will be selected to handle the order and give you a date you can expect to take delivery. Some Ford folks are admitting that some customers may not receive their Broncos until 2022. 

For the Bronco Sport plans are for reservations to be converted to orders in September

four-door Bronco with roo panels and doors removed

The New Ford Bronco Might Be Disappointing

As for the Bronco Sport, those plans are for reservations to be converted to orders in September. Production will begin in the fourth quarter with deliveries made by the end of the year. Again, reservations for Bronco Sport models get priority before any are built for dealer lots. 

So, even if you wanted a Bronco or Bronco Sport in 2021 and know it won’t happen, you should still place your reservation. It is the best way to get a Bronco. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of Ford filling reservations before you can test drive one at a dealership.