It Looks Like The Honda S2000 Roadster Is Coming Back

Not all of the news in 2020 is bad. Most, but not all. Rumors are flying that seems to make it more than rumors that the Honda S2000 roadster is coming back. An all-new version would arrive before 2024. Yes, that’s a long time to wait but if it is like the original S2000 it will be worth it.

A new S2000 would coincide with Honda’s 75th birthday

Honda S2000 20th Anniversary concept | Honda

The new S2000 would coincide with Honda’s 75th birthday as the original 1999 S2000 did for Honda’s 50th. Forbes says it has the skinny on details. The proportions of the new S2000 would be similar to the original. An abundance of aluminum and carbon fiber would keep the weight below 3,000 lbs. 

It goes on to say that power would come from the 2.0-liter turbo pumped up to 350 hp like the Civic Type R engine. We are just now entering the new world of complete electrification. We wonder if a convertible sports car running an internal combustion engine can still be sold in 2024? But, the Turbo four sounds good to us.

When the original S2000 ran its course in 2009 there were indications that a new version was in the works. That never materialized yet we continue to hear rumors that a new one is being developed. Supposedly, the 20th Anniversary concept of the original S2000 shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January was meant to keep the flames alive. 

Should a new S2000 return it won’t be cheap

Honda S2000 CR
Honda S2000 CR | Honda

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Should the S2000 return it won’t be cheap. If it is to run with the Civic Type R 2.0-liter four it would have to develop it longitudinally for rear-wheel-drive. That’s not a game-changer but it would add special tooling costs that would need to be amortized. Again, with development capital being poured into EVs by so many other companies it seems like this might not be the direction a new S2000 would go. That is if Honda is really considering doing this.

The original S2000 sold for around $35,000 in its last year. That was with a 10-year run which saw the production of 66,860 total units. With expected production not hitting that mark this new S2000 roadster would have to be in the mid-$50,000 price range, maybe more. So, if Honda has plans to do this it won’t be for an inexpensive open-top roadster. Could Honda pull that off?

Can Honda pull this off without a partner?

2009 Honda S2000 | Honda

If Nissan can pull off a semi-new Z, Toyota bringing back the Supra, and Subaru giving us the BRZ, why couldn’t Honda follow their leads? But there is a unique thread these sports cars have that Honda probably won’t follow; each one has been developed from an existing platform.

The new Nissan Z is largely using the previous platform. As for the Toyota Supra, it is based on BMW’s Z4 platform. And the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 are virtually one in the same car. So Subaru and Toyota jointly developed it. That means the price tag for Subaru was half of what it would have cost to develop it individually. 

So, obviously, there are some questions about a new S2000 that if Honda is seriously considering it has already answered. We want to think it is being developed right now. If we hear more we’ll pass it along.