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Reliability is typically at the top of any car shopper’s list. Considering a vehicle is one of the most significant purchases during one’s lifetime, it’s good to know it’ll last. With the rising popularity of SUVs over the last two decades, many larger vehicles now boast famed reliability. iSeeCars recently analyzed nearly 15 million vehicles to determine the most reliable car models based on their long-term dependability. What’s the benchmark? The holy grail of 200,000 miles.

The automotive research firm found that nine of their top 15 vehicles were SUVs, beating out every type of four-wheel transport. Critically, six of the top 10 were Toyotas. Therefore, the vehicle that came in first shouldn’t surprise anyone.

How reliable is the Toyota Land Cruiser?

Land Cruisers are designed to last almost forever. This claim is partly due to its robust yet relatively simple design philosophy. Land Cruisers don’t have the ground-breaking technology other Toyota models showcase. There’s no passive rear-wheel steering, state-of-the-art electronic gizmos, or nifty hybrid system. Land Cruisers have fewer complexities that will inevitably fail.

Additionally, Land Cruisers are built differently, meaning bigger, thicker, and tougher. For example, HotCars explains that the exterior panel metal gauge is higher than on other vehicles, as is windshield thickness. Land Cruiser axles are bigger, the frame is taller and wider, and the drivetrain has tougher components, constituting an “indestructible” vehicle.

Regardless, if parts do fail, repairs aren’t a hassle. Land Cruisers are sold all over the world. Therefore, inexpensive parts are readily available on a global scale.

How many miles will a Toyota Land Cruiser last?

While iSeeCars states that nearly one-fifth of Land Cruisers will last beyond 200,000 miles, some last even longer. In fact, Land Cruiser owners take offense when they hear their beloved off-road machines average only 200,000 miles.

With regular maintenance, Land Cruisers can sail far past 200,000 miles. Autotrader reports that one used Land Cruiser for sale shows 409,750 miles on the clock. Despite the hyper-mileage, it carries an asking price north of $15,000. Yet, wouldn’t it be better to purchase a new one?

What does the new Toyota Land Cruiser SUV have to offer?

A Toyota Land Cruiser SUV driving up a hill, the Land Cruiser is the most reliable SUV according to iSeeCars' data
Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Unfortunately, Toyota stopped selling the Land Cruiser stateside after the 2021 model year based on the Lexus LX’s market share. The 2022 model ditched the dependable 381-horsepower 5.7-liter V8 for a 409-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6, MotorTrend states. The 300-Series was redesigned inside and outside and features a bit more tech but not too much to spoil reliability.

Although only the 2021 model year of the 200-Series can be had in the U.S., it’s still an excellent pick. Edmunds asserts that the only real complaint with the Land Cruiser is its price. With a starting MSRP above $85,000, it may be a tough pill to swallow. However, the melding of luxury, capability, and reliability proves the Land Cruiser seldom has competition.

Should you buy a Toyota Land Cruiser?

With new and used car prices at record highs, many drivers will think twice about getting rid of what they have. Even if they’re in the market for something else, they will likely look to buy a reliable vehicle to get the most return on their investment.

Used Toyota Land Cruisers fetch an enormous price; there’s no getting around that. Even examples nearing 200,000 miles on the clock still warrant tens of thousands of dollars. However, given their reliability based on simple mechanics, tougher materials, and easily-found replacement parts, it’s a deal worth its weight in gold.


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