Is Toyota Finally Ditching The Prius?

People love to hate the Toyota Prius, so it isn’t surprising that a rumor about the car being pulled from the production line would spread quickly. Like with any other news, it is easy to get things twisted, and what started as news that a specific trim level for the Prius, the C, would be ending production quickly spiraled out of control. As far as we know, this hybrid Toyota as a model will continue production, but there is going to be one significant change in production that is worth your attention.

People love to hate the Toyota Prius

Regardless of good reliability ratings for an overall practical and affordable hybrid sedan, many people dislike the Toyota Prius. Since its beginning, the Prius has been the butt of many jokes, regardless of the generations of upgrades to even better models like the Toyota Prius Prime. Even if there is no justifiable reason to hate the spunky hybrid, many people were probably more than happy to hear that Toyota could be potentially pulling them from production.

2020 Toyota Prius Prime, predecessor of the 2021 Prius, is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show
The 2020 Toyota Prius | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Toyota won’t just be overhauling the Prius lineup as it stands, but rather ditching the one trim level that seems to tarnish the brand’s name. The Toyota Prius C was designed to be the entry-level version of the vehicle to give consumers an affordable hybrid option. It was a little less than stellar, and if you’re only experience with the car has been with this specific trim level chances are you actually hated it.

Ditching the lowest trim model

Since 2019 Toyota has already begun producing less and less of the Prius C in preparation for what we imagine was an inevitable ending. According to AutoBlog the cancelation has been a while coming. The car was originally released in 2012, giving it less than a decade of production time.

2019 Toyota Prius Limited
2019 Toyota Prius Limited | Toyota

A clever replacement

The affordable compact hybrid isn’t just going away, it is being replaced by an already more-favorable option. The Toyota Corolla will be getting a new trim level to replace the small niche abandoned by the C. The new Corolla trim will feature a hybrid hatchback, and there is no doubt that Toyota is hoping that it will be more popular. The new Corolla trim will offer better performance and fuel economy in a car that consumers prefer.

the AWDe is a great example of why knowing what drivetrain and powertrain mean is important
AWDe Toyota Prius | Toyota

The Toyota Prius Alarmingly Earned a Spot on This List

The Toyota Prius still has a lot of years ahead of it as far as we know. The Toyota Prius C might be ending a short-run production, but we aren’t all that sad. Consumers can still continue to hate the small hybrid for years to come, even if it is actually a pretty good and reliable compact sedan.