Is This The Next Ram All-Electric Van?

With the merger between Fiat Chrysler and the PSA Group, it’s fun to speculate which Euro models it might spawn in the US. Vauxhall today revealed this new electric van. We can’t help but think this is headed to the US as Ram’s first EV van. Is this the next Ram all-electric van? Let’s take a look at what may be charging up at your local UPS facility in the not-too-distant future.

This is the 2021 Vauxhall Vivaro EV van that starts deliveries in October. Only available in Europe, it competes with the Mercedes eVito, Nissan e-NV200, and Volkswagen ABT e-Transporter. There are two wheelbase models available and it is configured with either two seats or as a two-row four-seat version. The four-seat model is only available with the long-wheelbase model and only with the “Elite” package.

Vivaro is available as a stripper called Dynamic, or a better-equipped version called Elite

The Vivaro is available as a stripper called Dynamic, or a better-equipped version called Elite. The standard battery offered is the 50kWh version while the Elite comes the larger 75kWh battery pack. With the Dynamic package, the price for the Vivaro gets kicked up to $46,000. But with this package you also get the 17-inch wheels, metallic paint, LED daytime running lights, body-colored bumpers, lane departure warning, semi-adaptive cruise control, and a rear-view camera. 

The Vivaro has a maximum capacity of 233 cubic feet, which is the same as the ICE-powered van according to the UK’s Auto Express. Vauxhall says this is the only van in its class to be able to haul a trailer with a max payload of 2,600-pounds. Powering the van is an electric motor developing 134 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. The top speed has a governor that sets it to 81 mph.  

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While the range seems a bit limited don’t forget these will mostly be used for around-town deliveries

2021 Vauxhall Vivaro Life van in red

The smaller battery has a range of 144 miles and the larger offers 205 miles. While the range may seem a bit limited don’t forget that these will mostly be used for around-town deliveries.  Either one also comes with a 7.4kW charger. An optional 11kW system is also available. 

Not long after the cargo van arrives a window version known in Europe as the Vivaro Life will be available. So the Vivaro will be available in a wide range of cargo and passenger vans. With all of the overlap that will exist once Fiat Chrysler and the PSA Group merge it is unknown how the van segment will be fleshed out. 

The two merged corporations will be called “Stellantis”

As an aside, once the two corporations merge, its new name will be called “Stellantis.” While sounding more like a dietary supplement, it’s better than “Fiat Chrysler PSA Group.” The most recent news on when the merger will be finalized looks to be the first quarter of 2021. 

While Ram has been rebadging Fiat vans it calls ProMaster for the past few years this new Vauxhall van gives it an opportunity to get an entirely new van into the line. Whether it happens or not will remain to be seen but the product planners for the two corporations must be having fun dividing up each manufacturer’s lines.