Is There Any Way This $12,000 Electric Bike Is Worth It?

Cycling has become popular in recent years. Some prefer the physical workout, while others use their two-wheelers as environmentally friendly transportation around the city. There are bicycle renting stations in most major cities, just for this purpose. And if you’re browsing to buy a new bike for yourself, the market has a dizzying array of options, with a multitude of capabilities.

One of the latest cycling design trends includes models that offer an electric variation, or a motor, to assist with longer distance pedaling. And the technology seems pretty revolutionary. Cycling enthusiasts are venturing beyond the traditional bikes, and these new electric two-wheelers are gaining in popularity. But consumers can also expect to pay a hefty price for the boost in power. In fact, we found one model electric bike with a jaw-dropping $12,000 price tag. So, what makes a bike that expensive, and in the end, is it worth it?

The Trek Domane+ LT 9 may be the ultimate electric bike

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According to the bike’s description, Trek Domane+ LT 9 is comprised of high-end carbon, making it superbly lightweight. It features a Fazua drive system and Shimano electric drivetrain (Dura-Ace Di2) that allows the boost of electric power when you need it. Whether you’re a cycling athlete or just a recreational cyclist, having a little help up those steeper hills might be a game-changer. But the starting price for this impressive bike is also going to sting a little in the wallet. You can buy one today for $12,499.99.

Why this electric bike is so impressive

Some of the motorized bikes today feel more like a moped variety than they do an actual bicycle. But this Domane+ electric bike claims to ride like a more traditional version. It also suggests that engaging and disengaging the Fazua system won’t feel sluggish or create drag, offering a seamless transition between electric boosts and steady pedaling. It also provides bump protection with its road-smoothing IsoSpeed shocks. And similarly to how you might expect to equip a new car, this bike comes with customizable options.

The specs on a $12,000 bike

Officially, dropping this chunk of change on a bike means you’re buying some pretty expensive equipment. The Domane+ comes with a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame, married to those previously mentioned IsoSpeed shocks. The Fazua drive pack comes with a 250Wh battery and an Evation motor that together offer up to 20 mph assistance. It also features a Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheel design, again for reduced weight, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Who buys a bike like this?

Of course, an electric bicycle with lofty technology and sleek materials isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This $12,000 ride is probably eye-candy for an avid cyclist who’s in the market for the perfect e-bike but prefers the experience of a traditional pedal bike. For anyone who wants the ability to tap into an electric motor, without it feeling like a motor, this model two-wheeler might be perfect. But even so, many of the first comments and reviews online from consumers show a little frustration with this bike’s capping at 20 mph. It’s an electric boost that won’t get you too far, too fast.

In the end, the Trek Domane+ LT 9 is a revolutionary bike. And it won’t be the last of the electric variations we’ll likely see. For now, it claims to have found that sweet spot for those who like traditional cycling, but who may need the occasional boost from a quiet and lightweight motor. But you can expect to pay for all that design and tech, almost as much as you would a base model, compact car.