Is There a Single RV That Is Best for Full-Time Living?

More and more people are choosing to go off the grid and spend their time living in campers. If you’re hoping to find a full-time RV, you’re probably on the lookout for the single best possible option. Unfortunately, according to Camp Addict, it may not be that simple. Here’s everything you should know about choosing the best full-time RV for you.

Is there a clear full-time RV winner?

Although it would be nice if there were one full-time RV to rule them all, this simply isn’t the case. Which recreational vehicle will be best for you depends on a wide variety of different factors, including how many occupants there will be, how frequently you’ll be traveling, and whether you plan to stay in campgrounds or on public land. According to Camp Addict, trying to narrow down all possible RV options into one ideal choice is overly simplistic and ignores the reality that everyone’s full-time RV life will be different.

Fortunately, although it may be frustrating to not have one clear choice when it comes to full-time recreational vehicles, the variety of options also means that it’s easier to find a vehicle that will more closely match your needs.

Understanding the different RV types

To pick the best full-time RV for your needs, you should first have a clear understanding of the different popular options. One of the more common types is a fifth-wheel trailer. Fifth wheels are very large, often featuring a lot of slide outs and higher ceilings than most other options. These are a great choice for bigger families or people who plan to stay in one place for an extended period of time. However, due to their size, fifth wheels aren’t ideal if you plan to travel a lot. They are very heavy and will often not be allowed on campgrounds with vehicle size restrictions.

On the other end of the spectrum are truck campers, which are smaller and more stealthy, making it easy to use them pretty much anywhere. Their small size does mean that truck campers aren’t all that comfortable, and may not be the best choice for long-term stays or folks who are living with larger families.

Finally, there are motorhomes and travel trailers. Motorhomes are an all-in-one vehicle that is excellent for frequent traveling but may be fairly expensive. Travel trailers are much more affordable and typically work well for both long-term stays and frequent traveling.

How to determine the best model for your specific needs


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According to Camp Addict, there are quite a few factors that you can consider to help you find the best full-time RV for your lifestyle. First and foremost, you should determine the type of RVing that you plan to do: Will you generally stay in one place, or do you plan to travel more frequently? Your answer to this question will have a significant impact on the style and size of RV that you opt for, as larger recreational vehicles are less convenient for frequent travel.

Next, you will need to consider factors such as the types of facilities you’ll need, the climate you’ll be living in, and the number of occupants you will need to accommodate. Some specific things to consider include whether you’ll need an onboard generator or a portable generator, whether you’d prefer solar power, and whether you’ll have enough counter space in your kitchen area.

Although there’s no single RV that is perfect for everyone, having a clear understanding of your specific requirements means that you can seek out one of the many great guides that list RVs of the specific type you’re looking for, such as this guide from SpareFoot. Once you figure out the best option for your needs, you’ll be ready to head out on your adventures.