Is the Toyota Sequoia Better than the Ford Expedition?

The Toyota Sequoia is a tried and true SUV and the Ford Expedition is a family favorite too. Although, Toyota has been renowned specifically for its overall reliability, while Ford is known for its power. Both of these models have a considerably high customer satisfaction rating. Here we will help you decide what option is best, based on what you’re looking for. 


The 2020 Toyota Sequoia and the 2020 Ford Expedition are both recommended by Consumer Reports. Both of these SUVs also offers favorable performance capabilities. The Expedition is available in two versions, the standard base, and the longer Max version which has additional legroom in the back and cargo space. This SUV has a 3.5-liter V-6  engine and quick 10-speed automatic transmission.

Depending on the trim you pick, the horsepower ranges from 375 to 400 hp. Rear-wheel drive comes standard on the Expedition but you have the option to add four-wheel drive on each trim. On the other hand, the Sequoia doesn’t quite have the same power and only comes with a 381-hp V-8 engine. Its engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and is available with rear or four-wheel drive.

What is also important to note here is that the Sequoia offers decent off-roading capability, but the Expedition is not designed for off-roading adventures


When it comes to comfort, the Sequoia also provides passengers with support, but its interior fabric doesn’t seem to fit as well. More notably, the Sequoia can seat eight passengers with plenty of space in between. The Expedition offers a slightly more comfortable ride thanks to its ability to handle bumps on the road. Its interior is nice and quiet, plus it offers a luxurious feel.

Fuel efficiency 

Both the Expedition and Sequoia are real downers in regards to fuel efficiency. The Expedition has an overall 17 mpg and the Sequoia is even lower at 15 mpg. Unfortunately, gas-guzzling is associated with larger SUVs like these.

Advanced technology 

Advanced safety and driver-assist features are available on the Expedition and the Sequoia. However, driver-assist features come standard on each Sequoia model while they cost extra on the Expedition. Another thing to consider is that the Expedition has a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration but the Sequoia hasn’t been crash-tested.

The available infotainment features in the Expedition are pretty remarkable. Standard infotainment features include an 8-inch touchscreen, Ford’s voice-activated Sync 4 technology, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 4G LTE wifi hotspot. Navigation and weather monitoring is available at an additional cost.

Toyota has fitted the Sequoia with a 7-inch touchscreen and belatedly has made Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity available. The 2020 model also offers a wifi hotspot but only with a subscription. As an added bonus, you can opt for the available rear-seat entertainment feature.

The final verdict

The Ford Expedition starts at $52,810, while the Toyota Sequoia starts at $49,980. Although it’s generally reliable, we can’t help but feel that the Sequoia is in dire need of an overhaul. It basically has the design from 2008 so innovation doesn’t appear to be its strong suit. The slightly more expensive Ford offers more power and customizations.