Is the Toyota Grand Highlander Copying Jeep?

The Toyota Grand Highlander is on the way. This will be a grand version of the Toyota Highlander, but where else have we heard ‘Grand’ before? If you said in front of the Cherokee, then you answered this question correctly. This leads us to the next question. Is Toyota copying the Jeep Grand Cherokee L? 

Is the Toyota Grand highlander cheating off the Jeep Grand Cherokee L? 

So, here’s what we know. According to Truck Trend, Toyota filed a patent application for the term, ‘Grand Highlander.’ This is sent waves of speculation and rumors into the automobile universe. 

Because what exactly is the Toyota Grand Highlander? It’s probably a better version of the regular Highlander. Providing a Grand option feels similar to the Jeep Cherokee. For example, the Jeep Cherokee is a more affordable option compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. 

A silver 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE on display.
2021 Toyota Highlander XSE | Toyota

When you upgrade to the Grand Cherokee, you get more power, a more luxurious interior, and more. So maybe Toyota is planning to offer a luxurious version of the Highlander as it gains popularity. 

But does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have three rows? 

No, the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t have three rows yet. But the three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to arrive soon. Car and Driver spotted the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the wild. 

It was heavily covered in camouflage, but the spy shots still reveal a longer body. It looks like it’s the same size as the Dodge Durango, which has an optional third row. As the Durango loses steam, it could be replaced by the new three-row Jeep option. 

The Jeep Instagram actually just hinted at the all-new 3-Row Grand Cherokee L too. So, there you have it folks, it is confirmed. The reveal will take place tomorrow.

If Jeep comes out with a midsize SUV like the Highlander, you could flip the script and say it’s copying Toyota. However, Jeep isn’t filing for a nameplate that is already being used by another vehicle. Also, Jeep could be playing catchup to offer families more variety, like the Ford Explorer and 4Runner do. 

What about the Toyota Sequoia? 

MotorTrend speculates that the Toyota Grand Highlander could be a longer, larger SUV that sets the Sequoia out to pasture, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. Sure, the Sequoia feels a little older, but fans love it. With that same way of thinking, then the outdated Toyota 4Runner and Tundra could be on their way out too. 

However, it’s more likely that these trucks and SUVs will receive refreshes. The new 2022 Tundra is on its way, so a new Tundra based Sequoia will make an appearance too.

If the Toyota Highlander does get a longer wheelbase, then it will provide more passenger space and provide a smoother ride. It’s not necessarily replacing the Sequoia. 

A white Jeep Grand Wagoneer is seen parked on a driveway before a garage
2022 Grand Jeep Wagoneer Concept | Jeep

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Redesign Is Long Overdue

Also, this provides more similarities between Toyota and Jeep. The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is on the way to provide families with a large, luxurious SUV. It will be available for those who need more power and space to compete against the Sequoia, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe, and more. 

The Grand Wagoneer will serve as a larger option to the three-row Grand Cherokee L. So, we think that the Sequoia will serve as a larger option than the Grand Highlander. Only Toyota needs a unique nameplate of their own to link their options together.