Is the Toyota 86 a Good Car?

Toyota offers a variety of affordable and enjoyable cars but has lacked in the sports car department. Until the 86, that is. The Toyota 86 appeals to enthusiasts who want fun at a reasonable price. But just how good of a car is the Toyota 86? 

In terms of reliability

2020 Toyota Supra
2020 Toyota Supra | Toyota

Predicted reliability plays a significant role with any car purchase, and the 86 does well here. The 86 boasts Toyota’s signature reliability, and the 2020 model earned top scores. Consumer Reports gave the 86 a perfect five out five rating for overall dependability. 

CR’s score is based on its testing across 17 potential trouble spots, including a vehicle’s engine, brakes, and drive system. U.S. News also gave the 86 an excellent dependability rating. U.S. News determines its rankings based on evaluations from J.D. Power.

What about in terms of performance?

The 86 is the brainchild of both Toyota and Subaru and is practically identical to the Subaru BRZ. However, the 86 is the simpler of the two, as CR notes. The 86 doesn’t have any available factory options apart from the choice of transmission. 

The 86 comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine. If you stick with the standard six-speed manual, the engine generates 205-hp. With the optional six-speed automatic, the 86 puts out 200-hp.

As other reviewers have highlighted, the 86 isn’t the fastest sports car. Even so, it’s still plenty satisfying. The 86 is extremely fun to drive, thanks to its responsiveness and athletic handling. Fuel economy is also a bright spot on the 86. According to CR’s road test, the 86 can return a combined 30 mpg with premium fuel. 

If you’d like to spice up this ride, you’ll want to consider the top-of-the-line Hakone Edition, which features special 17-inch wheels and exclusive green body-paint color. The TRD Handling package is also new for 2020 and brings stronger Brembo brakes and enhanced shock absorbers. This package doesn’t apply to models with an automatic or the Hakone Edition, though. 

On the inside 

2020 Toyota 86 GT seats
2020 Toyota 86 GT seats | Toyota

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The 86 looks pretty cool on the inside. It comes standard with front sports seats and a leather-covered steering wheel. However, you can tell where Toyota skimmed to keep the 86 affordable, as evident by its plastic finishings.

This coupe can technically seat four people, but its rear seats are pretty narrow. On a brighter note, the 86 provides excellent driver’s visibility. And for a sports car, the 86 offers generous cargo space. 

Additionally, the 86 is now standard with connectivity features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen. Although, the only advanced safety feature this Toyota has is a backup camera. If you’d like more safety features, consider the 2020 Mazda Miata.

So, is the Toyota 86 a good car?

If you’re looking for a reliable, flashy car to make your everyday ride more fun, the 86 is a worthy choice. The 2020 version starts at $27,060. If you can do without the added smartphone integration apps, consider buying a used 86 instead to save money.