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The Toyota 4Runner, like most other Toyotas, is a great car to own. And, while the basic 4Runner is pretty good, Toyota also offers a lot of options for it. The 4Runner TRD Pro is the most expensive trim, and here’s a look at whether or not it’s worth the extra money.

What the 4Runner TRD Pro offers

The TRD in the trim’s name stands for Toyota Racing Development, and it’s Toyota’s in-house tuning company. As its name would imply, TRD branded Toyotas are typically better than regular Toyotas are, especially when it comes to its drivetrain. However, that’s not the only upgrade that choosing this trim will offer.

As Motor1 found out, the 4Runner is the best Toyota option for off-roading when it comes to the TRD Pro trim. The 4Runner TRD Pro beat out the Tacoma TRD Pro, the Sequoia TRD Pro, and the Tundra TRD Pro in the off-road test. That’s because the 4Runner is decked out for off-roading.

Motor1 says that this SUV comes with new shocks, skid plates, crawl control, a multi-terrain select feature, a locking rear differential, as well as other off-roading upgrades. It also comes with a 4.0-liter V6 which generates 270-hp and 278 lb-ft of torque. Despite being the least powerful car that Motor1 tested, it still came out on top.

Other than these great off-roading upgrades, the 4Runner TRD Pro also has other improvements over the basic 4Runner. For example, Toyota says that the TRD Pro has new 17-inch TRD wheels, new unique badging, dual-zone climate control, and fancier and more comfortable seats. 

How much does this trim cost?

The standard version of the 4Runner, the SR5, starts at about $36,000, according to Toyota. The TRD Pro, on the other hand, starts at almost $50,000. Other less expensive trims of the 4Runner, such as the TRD Off-Road or the TRD Off-Road Premium, start at about $40,000 and $42,000 respectively.

Toyota has other trims available for the 4Runner, and they all cost a bit more than the last one. However, the TRD Pro is by far the most expensive trim available.

Is the 4Runner TRD Pro worth it?

Like any premium trim of a car, Toyota did not design the 4Runner TRD Pro for everyone. Toyota does not expect every person who wants a 4Runner to choose the TRD Pro trim. Instead, Toyota outfitted the TRD Pro with some of the best off-roading gear available because it is intended for serious off-roaders. 

As a result, folks who want a comfortable and reliable SUV like the 4Runner but who also want to go off-roading with it should choose from the TRD trims that Toyota offers. And if those folks off-road a lot or have some difficult terrain to cross, then the 4Runner TRD Pro seems like the best bet. That’s because, again, compared to the other Toyotas models with the TRD Pro trim, Motor1 found that the 4Runner was the best for off-roading.

On top of that, it is a very capable SUV in less sporty situations. Motor1 says that it can tow about 5,000 lb and it can also carry a 1,500 lb payload. Additionally, the 4Runner TRD Pro has a maximum cargo capacity of 88.8 cu. ft. These are pretty good numbers, and when combined with its outstanding off-roading performance, it’s clear that Toyota has a lot to offer.

So, if you’re looking for that sort of SUV, then the 4Runner TRD Pro is worth it. However, if you don’t off-road often, then it’s best to choose a different trim.