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The 2022 Rivian R1T, the first electric pickup to market, is one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year. On September 14th 2021, the company announced it had completed its first trucks destined for customers holding Rivian preorders. A month later, enthusiasts are still wondering when the Rivian release date will arrive. Last Friday, Oklahoma motorists noticed two electric Rivian trucks atop a tractor-trailer car transporter. These may be the first Rivian trucks destined for customers.

How many preorders does Rivian have?

By the end of September 2021, Rivian had 48,390 combined preorders for the Rivian R1T electric truck and Rivian R1S electric SUV. Therefore, there is a good chance that the trucks spotted driving through Oklahoma are being delivered to customers holding preorder reservations.

From the Rivian release date through the rest of 2021, Rivian is only fulfilling orders for the sold-out Launch Edition of the R1T. In 2022, Rivian will begin fulfilling orders for other trim levels. Rivian is ramping up its production capabilities with a factory in Normal, Illinois and planning a facility in Texas. Still, it will take the company some time to fulfill 48,390 preorders. With no past production data available, it is impossible to tell how quickly Rivian will fulfill orders. But if you were to order a Rivian vehicle today, it is unlikely the company will deliver it within one year.

Rivian price: R1Ts starting at $67,500

This is a pre-production Rivian R1T electric truck. Customers with Rivian preorders are asking when the Rivian release date will be. Others ask about the Rivian price and latest Rivian news. | Rivian
This is a “Rivian Blue” R1T, like the one spotted on the highway, Friday | Rivian

The trucks spotted in Oklahoma may be are on their way to customers for the Rivian release date. If so, they must be Rivian R1T Launch Editions. Rivian offers a limited run of electric trucks called The Launch Edition. The company offers them in limited edition colors. One of the R1Ts enthusiasts spotted in Oklahoma was painted “Rivian Blue,” and the other was “Glacier White.”

Many electric vehicle fans are curious about the Rivian price. Launch Edition preorders are full, and from now on, customers can choose two trim levels, the first starting at $67,500. The base model Rivian electric truck is the “Explore Package” R1T. 

The “Adventure Package” R1T with premier interior and “added functionality” starts at $73,000. Even the base model Rivian interior includes vegan leather seats in either black or white. The upper trim level adds a green-dyed leather option as well as wood trims to match each color. This trim level also features a Meridian audio system, ventilated seats, and a powered tonneau cover.

Rivian equips both models with a 314-mile battery pack. A 400-mile battery pack is a $10,000 option. The company offers silver and white for free, but charges $1,500 for any other color. Available R1T accessories abound and range from factory-installed rooftop tents to a full camp kitchen.

Rivian IPO and Rivian Forever Fund are making headlines ahead of the Rivian release date


The Quad-Motor Rivian Truck Will Leave $100K EVs Far Behind

On September 14th, Rivian CEO and founder RJ Scaringe announced that the first customer Rivian R1T electric truck had rolled off the assembly line. This claim would make Rivian the first company to bring an electric pickup to market. The truck pictured in Scarginge’s post is a “Rivian Blue” R1T. Behind it is a row of other, nearly complete Rivian trucks. There is a chance that Rivian is finally shipping these exact vehicles to customers, and they were spotted in Oklahoma.

Rivian’s first customer-ready R1T may be big news. But the past quarter has been full of big news for Rivian. In August, the company filed a draft of a Rivian IPO. Rivian has raised billions of dollars from private investors, including Ford Motor Company and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Sources close to Rivian said the startup is shooting for a valuation as high as $80 billion when it goes public.

The Rivian company made headlines again when it partnered with The Nature Conservancy to establish the Rivian Forever Fund. The goal of the fund is to both restore and protect resources such as oceans and wild areas. The Forever Fund is part of Rivian’s mission to “Keep the world adventurous forever.” If Rivian release date is finally here, forever begins today.