Is The Rav4 TRD Really An Upgrade?

As America’s most popular selling compact SUV, the Rav4 is looking to maintain it’s award-winning title into 2020 by continuing to push boundaries. Even though the 2019 model received a redesign and modern updates, Toyota is keeping the steamrolling by releasing the 2020 Rav4 TRD off-roading model.

The Rav4 TRD 

Off-Roading Specs 

The Rav4 is joining the Toyota’s exceptional off-roading line up that includes trucks and SUVs such as the Camry and Avalon Sport models. But how does this little non-pickup compare against the capable Jeep Renegade? It also needs to hold up against the upcoming Bronco Sport.

Amongst the excitement and speculation, the Rav4 TRD has an underwhelming 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an output of 203 horsepower and 183 lb-ft torque. Sure, that’s powerful enough to floor the little SUV for a good time, but it’s only available in all-wheel drive.

There’s no 4×4 option to tackle off-road challenges and road conditions that advance past a simple snow flurry. But on a positive note, it does have an impressive 3,500 towing capability. For climbing over obstacles and tough terrain, the Rav4 TRD has an 8.6” ground clearance.

The Rav4 TRD sits on 18” wheels and gets an impressive average of 25mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. It has a TRD-tuned front suspension independent MacPherson front suspension with a stabilizer bar. The suspension is set up for a smooth and comfortable ride that reduces sway while hauling.

Off-Roading Tech 

The Rav4 uses Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive to provide you with more control in adverse conditions. 

You can also adjust the driving modes between Sport, Eco, Normal, and Active Corning Assist to quickly adjust to the road. The ACA helps you improve your cornering to more easily adapt to curvey roads. 

The TRD also has Standard Trailer Sway Control, blind-spot monitoring, and Rear Cross Traffic Monitoring. 

You can sit in the SotTex cloth seats for a smooth, comfortable ride and open the power tilted moonroof to connect with nature. 

Rav4 TRD

The Rav4 TRD also has a power liftgate with anti-jam protection and keyless entry for a modern feel technology-wise. 

These features pair nicely with the 8” touch screen infotainment center with Apple Car Play and Android Audio so you can easily connect your phone to jam in style during your adventure.

Pack these features in with your family and luggage as the Rav4 TRD provides 37.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat. 

So, Is The Rav4 TRD An Upgrade? 

We’re going to have to vote no, not really. The Rav4 TRD is just a glossed up Rav4 with TRD added to the stitching. It doesn’t even have comfort and technology features that other Rav4 models have. 

Sure, this little SUV can haul a trailer, but not very far off-roading due to only being equipped with AWD. The only advancement from other Rav4 models includes an upgraded suspension. If you have country trails to go down, you’ll need to pick a Toyota with four-wheel drive. 

Sure, you can use the ACA on curvey roads, but if you’re really in an area where you need that assistance, slow down. Don’t push this vehicle too far, or it will most likely end up getting stuck.