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Tall crossover designs seem to be catching on as electric vehicles. It makes sense because with the low, flat, floor of an EV a designer can maximize passenger room and do almost anything. The new Lincoln Star Concept shows what the designers at Ford’s luxury brand are thinking. It’s a new Lincoln crossover that maximizes the interior.

The new Lincoln crossover concept could preview a new design language

Lincoln Star Concept in silver
The new Lincoln Star | Lincoln

The new Lincoln crossover has some resemblance to the new Audi urbansphere concept that was recently released. They’re both silver, have a wide flat front grille, and luxury appointments for four inside. They’re both full of new and inspiring technology to make the life of those in back a little more luxurious. The Lincoln, though, seems to be more focused on mood and feeling than the Audi that is more focused on the experience.

Catering to the back seat passengers

Interior of the Lincoln Star Concept
Lincoln Star Concept interior | Lincoln

Audi pointed out that its new people hauler, the urbanshphere, was designed in both China and Germany and caters to the growing Chinese market. Lincoln, too, makes a nod in its news release that it’s recognizing the Chinese market. Last year it launched the Zephyr sedan there. In China buyers of luxury cars would prefer to sit in the back, where they can work and socialize and not be bothered with the driving. The Star concept, like the Audi, seems to cater to that. Like in the Audi, the back seat is the place to be in the new Lincoln. While the Audi has two captains chairs in back, the Star features a par of fixed seats in the back. But, those seats have built in ottomans, a console that has many of the cabin controls, individual screens and mood lighting.

The new Lincoln crossover concept shows that EVs can be versatile

The interior of the new Lincoln crossover Star Concept shows that EVs can be versatile.
Lincoln Star Concept | Lincoln

Other manufacturers of luxury EV SUVs (we’re looking at you, Land Rover and Porsche) like to tout their kilowatt numbers and 0-60 times. There’s no mention of what would power the new Lincoln Star. Instead in a news release Lincoln is touting the Star as a “sanctuary,” that uses scent, sight and sound to calm passengers. Instead of motor power, Lincoln touts its rejuvenation moods with rear-screen animations such as “Mindful Vitality,” as a way to help passengers revive after a hard day at work.

The last new Lincoln SUV was a traditional SUV

2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label the most reliable of the luxury SUVs in the market today.
2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label | Lincoln

Lincoln hasn’t released an all-new SUV since the new Navigator was revealed in 2019. You can say the Navigator SUV is the luxury version of the Ford Expedition SUV, but that would be selling the Navigator short. The Navigator has all of the technology and interior space you could want, including a 33-way power drivers seat, an active suspension, and all the driver technology that Lincoln can pack in.

The Navigator isn’t cheap, it starts at around $78,000, but the Black Lablel L version can cost nearly $110,000.

Interestingly, Lincoln says that the Navigator represents 33% of its conquest sales, which is car-dealer speak for those that trade in a competing brand’s SUV for the navigator. So, if you see a bunch of used Escalades at your local Lincoln dealer, that’s because ‘Slade owners swapped brands.

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