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The Jeep Grand Cherokee has long been one of the most capable SUVs on the market. The new for 2022 version with sophisticated four-wheel drive systems and suspension certainly continues that tradition. But it’s bucking the trend with one of the nicest interiors in the business and shaming Broncos and 4Runners in the process. So, do we now call the hot-selling Jeep Grand Cherokee a luxury SUV?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is all new for 2022

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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve (left) and 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland | Stellantis

Jeep launched the new Grand Cherokee in two steps. It started with the three-row L, for long, version for the 2021 model year and then added a two-row regular version for 2022. The Grand Cherokee For 2023, you can order it with two engine choices, the venerable 3.6-liter V6 or the longstanding 5.7-liter Hemi V8, and either comes with an 8-speed automatic.

All Grand Cherokees, from the base $42,500 Laredo to the $63,270 Summit can be ordered in two- or four-wheel drive versions, as well as two- or three-row versions. New for 2023 is the 30th Anniversary trim 4xe, which is the new plug-in hybrid version of the Grand Cherokee. The 4xe version is only available as a two-row, 4×4, SUV. It starts at $60,260 and the top version, the Summit Reserve 4xe, starts at $77,470.

For true luxury, you’ll have to step up to the Summit and Summit Reserve trims

What a step up. The Summit Reserve interior could be one of the nicest in the SUV world, and it could challenge Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac or even Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer for luxury touches. The Summit Reserve gets Palermo leather seats, which are heated and cooled and include a diamond inlay pattern. The dash is covered in long strips of wood, and the vinyl covering from the Laredo is replaced by more piano black and a secondary screen for the passenger. Even the steering wheel has wood trim.

To compete with the best from traditional luxury brands, Jeep also had to bring the technology. In the Summit Reserve, the Advance ProTech Group IV package adds a not just a heads-up display, but a cool night-vision camera with pedestrian and animal detection. It also adds a digital rear-view mirror, and an interior rear-facing camera so you can watch the shenanigans in the back seat. You can also add rear-seat entertainment and a wireless charging pad.

Outside, the Summit Reserve lets you show the world that you opted for the ultimate Grand Cherokee. It offers several exclusive two-tone paint colors,  21-inch chrome or black rims, and more.  

The Laredo Trim is nice, but not quite luxury


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The Laredo trim starts at about $42,500 and comes with cloth seats. It’s a nice place to be, for sure, with lots of piano black on the console. But, you would be hard pressed to say the 8.4-inch screen and the vinyl-covered console count as luxury features.  Of course, you can buy the $1,400 Luxury Tech Group 1 package, which adds heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, remote start, and a leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel. Beyond that, your only choices come down to engines.