Is the Hyundai Ioniq a Good Electric Car to Buy Used?

Buying a used hybrid vehicle is a wise choice if your priority is getting the most economical fuel saver. Models like the Toyota Prius typically get all the glory, but there are other options you should consider, like the Hyundai Ioniq. In many ways, the Hyundai Ioniq has commanded the electric vehicle market since its debut in 2017. Here’s what you should know about buying a used Ioniq. 

Driving a used Hyundai Ioniq 

The Hyundai Ioniq offers performance agility and interior comfort.
2017 Hyundai Ioniq | Hyundai

For the best deal, you’ll want to shop for the 2017 Ioniq models. The 2017 Ioniq gets credit for bringing excitement to the EV market. It also gets points for offering more power than the Prius. The Ioniq Hybrid features a four-cylinder engine paired with a single electric motor. Together, these two power sources generate 139-horsepower. A six-speed dual-clutch transmission comes standard on this model. 

The Hyundai Ioniq is shown at AutoMobility LA on November 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
The Hyundai Ioniq | David McNew/Getty Images

The most notable aspects of the Ioniq Hybrid’s performance are its fuel efficiency and its agility. This hybrid gets a combined 55 mpg and maneuvers sharp corners well. You’ll also want to consider the all-electric version of the Ioniq. The Ioniq Electric receives its power from a 118-hp electric motor and a single-speed reduction-gear transmission. 

Both the Ioniq and the Ioniq Electric are comfortable for everyday drives. A plug-in hybrid version of the Ioniq launched for 2018, but it’s a pricier option compared to the 2017 models. The main downside to the Ioniq lineup is below average braking performance. Consumer Reports gave the Ioniq a subpar rating for its long stopping distances. 

On the inside of the Ioniq 

The Ioniq offers a handsome car cabin that’s standard with cloth upholstery. Some used models may come with heated seats and leather. The Ioniq’s cabin is reasonably comfortable, but as U.S. News notes, the Ioniq isn’t the most generous when it comes to head- and legroom. Its seats aren’t the most supportive either.

In-car electronics are a highlight of the 2017 Ioniq. Standard Ioniq infotainment features include a 7-inch touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Not many advanced safety features came standard on the Ioniq, but some models may have features like blind-spot detection and lane change assistance. 

Safety and reliability 

A Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In is seen during the Vienna Car Show press preview at Messe Wien, as part of Vienna Holiday Fair
The Hyundai Ioniq | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2017 Ioniq a Top Safety Pick+, its highest award. The Ioniq has also earned above-average reliability ratings from the likes of J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. While the 2017 Ioniq is generally considered a safe and reliable vehicle, you should know that there is one NHTSA safety recall on the model. This recall relates to its hybrid propulsion system. If you’re seriously considering the Ioniq, make sure to address this trouble spot with your auto dealer.

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So is the Hyundai Ioniq a good option to buy used?

The Hyundai Ioniq is a good option to buy used, primarily because of its safety and reliability ratings. Its low pricing makes it a more appealing option too. According to, the Ioniq has a higher three-year depreciation rate. You can get one for under $16K.