Is the Hummer All That GM Has Got For Its Electric Future?

We’ve heard GM execs wax on and on about GM’s electric future but we’re not seeing it much. We know the Hummer is coming back as an all-electric GMC SUV but there has got to be more than that. Chevy has the Bolt, and there will soon be a variant of it. We hope it turns out better than when GM took the Volt and made the Cadillac ELR from it. So, is the Hummer all that GM has got for its electric future?

Cadillac Lyric tease | GM

As it turns out, no. GM today unveiled its strategy for how it will handle doling out its electric portfolio across all of the divisions it must feed. Every year GM puts out its sustainability report which deals with its plans for future directions and focus. Each division gets a spotlight on future products. According to the report, Cadillac has bigger plans than the pretentiously-named Lyriq.

The big SUV “builds on the DNA” of the Escalade

The all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade is displayed during the Cadillac Oscar Week Celebration at Chateau Marmont
The 2021 Cadillac Escalade | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Cadillac

Cadillac’s plans include releasing a “globally-sized” three-row, midsize EV crossover, and a luxury full-size SUV that is not ICE-powered. In other words, an electric Escalade-why couldn’t it just say that? It almost does by adding the big SUV “builds on the DNA” of the Escalade. 

Next, Caddy will debut an “attainable luxury” model. That translates to an XT4-like EV. Again, GM could just say that but instead loves phrases like “Attainable luxury.” Egads. Finally, the expensive halo car being called Celestiq will only see a bit over one produced each day. The hand-built car is what GM calls “Cadillac Celestiq Statement Vehicle.”

For Chevy, there will be more affordable crossover offshoots of current EVs. The Bolt EUV is the sibling we expect in showrooms sometime in 2021. Among its features will be the inclusion of Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-off driver-assist. It’s the first use of the function outside of Cadillac. Chevy will also field a midsize EV crossover.

There will be a Hummer-like Chevy truck sometime after the Hummer is launched

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71 parked at construction site
2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Z71

Since everything GMC does, Chevy truck does too, and vice-versa; there will be a Hummer-like Chevy truck sometime after the Hummer is launched. In the report, it is called a “Chevrolet BET Truck.” It will be full-size like the Hummer and have a range of 400 miles like the Hummer. 

Over at Buick, GM has plans that include a couple of electric vehicles. Keep in mind that mostly anything that Buick gets is more directed at China than the US. The first is a “conventionally proportioned crossover.” Since it already has a couple of those with gas engines, we expect they will be electric versions of those. 

This is probably a production version of the Buick Enspire concept from 2018

2018 Buick Enspire | GM

The 2022 GMC Hummer Is Getting Another Jeep-Like Feature

The other electric is what is called a “more expressive proportion with a greater emphasis on form and athletic fashion.” Sometimes the mumbo-jumbo gets in the way. This is probably a production version of the Buick Enspire concept from 2018. Yes, the styling is more expressive. 

If GM doesn’t wander from the concept too much it will be an interesting crossover to watch. As companies like Kia and Hyundai get bolder with design sometimes GM products look stale right out of the gate. If the features and quality are there the Enspire could be a worthy rival. 

Lastly, we all know GMC will have an all-electric Hummer. GM says it will make the Hummer “off-road capable.” As we await it and the other electric products to emanate from the silver silos of GM we look forward to bringing you more on them as we find out more.