Is the Honda Civic Type R Automatic?

The Honda Civic is undeniably one of the most enjoyable options in its class. Unlike some of its rivals, the Civic is both energetic and efficient. While the regular Civic offers fun driving dynamics, those who crave a bolder experience will want the Civic Type R. Although you might be wondering: is the Honda Civic Type R automatic?

Cruising in the Honda Civic Type R

The Type R is one of the quickest and compelling compact cars you can get. It’s distinguished by its devilish good looks and robust power. And even though it’s a performance-oriented model, the Type R offers many practical benefits.

Honda recently unveiled its latest Type R for 2021 and is mostly unchanged from the previous model year. As with the outgoing model, the Type R presents one powertrain, and that’s a 306-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine linked to a six-speed manual transmission. The Type R is only available with a manual, and there isn’t an optional automatic. 

A gray 2020 Honda Civic Type R against a concrete wall
2020 Honda Civic Type R side view | Matthew Skwarczek

So if you were hoping for an automatic option on the Type R, it’s probably not the best choice for you. The Type R’s traditional counterpart would make more sense in this case. There are also a few other things about the Type R you may not be OK with.

The Type R’s sports-tuned suspension makes for a stiffer driving experience, but its “Comfort Mode” function assists with this. Qualms like these don’t have to be dealbreakers, though. The Type R’s agile handling and throttle response make for a remarkably satisfying driving experience. Furthermore, the Type R also scores for its above-average fuel economy, for a sports model anyway. Honda published that the 2021 model has an EPA rating of 25 mpg overall. 

Interior elements 

2020 Honda Civic Type R red sport seats
2020 Honda Civic Type R seats | Honda

As you would expect, the Type R’s distinct style continues on the inside. This Civic has seats for four, and its cabin has bloody red accents. Its sports seats are more comfortable than they appear and provide generous passenger space. The Type R is also a more practical alternative to its competitors because it has a sufficient truck room.

“The Civic Type R may be equal parts track star and daily driver, but it’s also a very practical travel companion. In our testing, it accommodated significantly more ping-pong balls than its rivals and tied the WRX STI for the greatest carry-on-luggage capacity.”

Car and Driver

The Type R also is good on in-car tech. It comes with many modern infotainment features, including a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. You’ll also appreciate its large stereo and navigation feature. Regarding advanced safety, the Type R is standard with forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. Other advanced safety features include lane departure warning and lane-keep assist. 


A 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition model .
2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition | Honda

The Honda Civic Si Won’t Be Coming Back in 2021

The starting price for the 2021 Type R is $37,890. Honda’s most significant update for the 2021 Type R is the Limited Edition model with exclusive Phoenix yellow paint. At this time, Honda still has brand-new 2020 models available.