Is the Honda Civic Still the Best Car for Your Daily Drives?

When the Honda Civic arrived on the compact car stage, it was welcomed with open arms by consumers. More specifically, this was a gem of a car for anyone who routinely commuted, considering its top-notch fuel efficiency and relatively low cost of ownership. But the segment has evolved since then, and so has the competition. So, is the Honda Civic the best car for daily driving?

Honda’s popular daily driver from the beginning

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The Honda Civic made its grand entrance here in the U.S. in 1973. And it was a car that was welcomed with open arms by many who spent much of their time on the road commuting. It was a model that not only launched the Civic into popularity among consumers. But it also solidified Honda’s reputation for building dependable, reliable, and efficient cars. It was cheap to buy and didn’t guzzle the gas like other cars. Many soon realized these cars seemed to run forever, too.

The Honda Civic continues to be popular among consumers

The Honda Civic has come a long way since that first boxy design from the ’70s. This compact car has evolved to offer more configurations and options to meet the need of almost any car buyer. It remains a popular choice for commuters, given its fuel efficiency and long-running dependability. Only now, consumers can choose between the coupe, sedan, or four-door hatch versions.

And for those who need the high-performance capability, the Si and Type R form versions don’t disappoint. Regardless of how you choose to equip a Honda Civic today, you can still expect an affordable price, great gas mileage, and high odometer readings for the years to come. It’s that consumer trust that continues to make the Honda Civic a popular choice for the daily driving sedan these days.

Steep competition is narrowing the field

Not only is there steep competition among automakers for this compact car, commuter-loving class. But there is also new technology on the table, changing the game. With electric and hybrid engines on the market, many of the traditional gas-powered cars may not enjoy the best fuel efficiency numbers anymore.

The Honda Civic may have paved the way for affordable and fuel-efficient sedans, but it’s not alone anymore. And with the likes of contenders like the Toyota Prius, the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, and both Mazda 6 and Mazda 3, the Honda Civic may not be able to defend its commuter preferred status for long.

How the Honda Civic ranks with the critics

Many of the critics suggest the Honda Civic still reigns supreme when it comes to commuter cars. In fact, ranked it number one above many of those previously mentioned competitors. Based on certain benchmarks, including 42-inches of driver legroom, a minimum combined MPG of 28.4 or higher, and a four-star NHTSA rating for safety, the Honda Civic (coupe) clearly maintains bragging rights.

And as part of this study, only the longest-lasting cars were considered, meaning those capable of reaching the 200,000-mile mark. So, for commuters who need cars that can handle the drive, without breaking the bank, the Honda Civic is still the best choice.

If you’re looking for a new or new to you car to use as your daily driver, you certainly have plenty of models from which to choose. But in the end, you can always rely on the Honda Civic to deliver precisely what you know it will. It continues to top many of the best commuter car lists still today. Only now, you’ll have an arsenal of equipment options to customize your drive, too.

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