Is the GranTurismo the Only Good Maserati?

Maserati makes a lot of luxury cars but if you’re Doug DeMuro, then the only good Maserati is the GranTurismo. To be fair, DeMuro has said before that he doesn’t really like Maseratis, as he’s released scathing reviews of Maserati’s Ghibli and Levante models. But the GranTurismo, a decade-old car, is in his opinion, the only good Maserati on the market today.


According to DeMuro, there’s a lot to like about the GranTurismo, especially when it comes to the mission statement of the car. Its name in Italian means “grand tour” and that’s exactly what the GranTurismo is good at, going on a long journey with some friends or family in tow. 

The earliest GranTurismos will sport a 400-hp engine, which is good enough for this day and age. However, the MC trim, which updates the GranTurismo in many other ways, also upgrades its engine into a 4.7-liter 454-hp V8. This powerful upgrade makes the GranTurismo the fastest Maserati car on the market. The upgraded engine allows the GranTurismo to hit a top speed of 185 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Suspension and handling wise, DeMuro thought that the GranTurismo was pretty good in this area, as the GranTurismo handled well when he test drove it. He does give the GranTurismo extra points for its handling considering the fact that it’s a four-seater. The engine also has a beautiful sound according to DeMuro, so driving the GranTurismo was a fun experience for him. 

Riding in a GranTurismo is a nice experience as well, as it’s a four-seater which is not common for a sports car. However, it’s still a two-door sports car, so there’s not much legroom and headroom to go around. But, funny enough, the GranTurismo does have up to six cup holders, which DeMuro mentions jokingly that it means the GranTurismo has a higher ratio of cup holders to seats than a Honda Odyssey.   

Although DeMuro personally doesn’t like the exterior design and overall aesthetics of the GranTurismo, he understands that many people do. As such, he gives the GranTurismo a relatively high score for looks but your mileage may vary in that regards. 


DeMuro had plenty of complaints about the GranTurismo and most of them have to do with how old the car is. Most GranTurismos according to DeMuro have extremely outdated tech and features for a luxury car. For example, even though it has a digital display screen, the controls are manual and not optimized. If you want to enter an address, you’ll have to select, using the control dial, each and every single letter and number one by one. 

If you want to listen to music, you’ll have to connect your iPod to it. Not your iPhone, those weren’t around back then, but an actual iPod. Furthermore, most GranTurismos don’t have a rear view camera and only the newest ones will. On top of that, the GranTurismo doesn’t have convenient features that many cars may have like adaptive cruise control or automatic emergency braking.

The 2018 MC trim of the GranTurismo does solve many of these complaints, but the majority of GranTurismos on the market will still have these issues.

Lastly, the other big con of the GranTurismo is its price tag. At $150,000 for a new GranTurismo, DeMuro would buy pretty much anything else. There are plenty of other modern sports cars with similar features and performance figures that are much cheaper than that. That said, DeMuro mentions that the GranTurismo’s value depreciates very fast and that you can get a used GranTurismo for much cheaper than its brand-new sticker price. 

Overall, despite its many flaws, DeMuro thinks that the GranTurismo is a nice, fun car that you can drive for everyday errands and that it’s easily the best car Maserati has on the market right now.