Is the GranTurismo A Maserati Worth Buying

With an original, brand-new buying price of over $150,000, most buyers would rather buy just about any other exotic sports car than a Maserati GranTurismo. While that is probably true for off-the-lot deals, used GranTurismos can be purchased for as low as $30,000 and with a lack of updates until most recent years, and the older model might just be worth the buy.

Up until 2018, the GranTurismo lacked a lot of major updates but still maintained a high price tag. The exterior styling of the sporty coupe remained relatively unchanged since it’s first production year in 2007. Comparing an original GranTurismo to any model through 2017 you would have a hard time telling which years were newer. All models feature the iconic Trident badge nestled into the fish-mouth style grille.

TORONTO, ON – FEBRUARY 17: The Maserati exhibit showing off four cars including the GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition. AutoExotica brings super luxury cars to the 2015 edition of the Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) in Toronto it’s bright and warm. (David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The interior of the GranTurismo also remained the same, and one would more likely think they were sitting down into a car from the early 2000s than a newer 2016 expensive, exotic luxury car. While the interior of the GranTurismo is noticeable nicer than the Maserati Ghibli, the manufacturer’s four-door sedan it still lacks a lot of luxury features.

The dashboard of the GranTurismo is incredibly outdated, leaving most owners feeling relatively disappointed. The car is so outdated, in fact, that it has a full dial pad for making phone calls, something almost no new cars continues to make because they have been rendered completely useless with the popularity of cell phones. Speaking of cell phones, even up to the 2017 production model, your cell phone still could not have any useable interface with the infotainment system of the GranTurismo.

While you could sync your Bluetooth on your phone, there is no Bluetooth audio to allow you to play music. In a generation where phones no longer have aux ports, the GranTurismo didn’t even offer an aux cable to play music. Up until the 2017 model year, the only way to attach your phone to play music through your car speakers was a cable in the glove box that has the connection cable for the first generations of iPhones.

*** VIDEO AVAILABLE *** DOHA, QATAR – JANUARY 2017: Lamborghini with custom paint job and Maserati during car meet in, Doha, Qatar, January 2017. A GROUP of luxury car owners show off their awesome line-up of supercars during their latest meet. The car club which goes by the name, QTR Elite Team – short for Qatar EliteTeam – is based in Doha and boasts some of the worlds most luxurious cars. The recent meet was filmed by British car enthusiast James Jago and featured a host of supercars including two £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador SVs, a Maserati GranTurismo and a Porsche GT3. PHOTOGRAPH BY James GTR / Barcroft Images London-T:+44 207 033 1031 E:[email protected] – New York-T:+1 212 796 2458 E:[email protected] – New Delhi-T:+91 11 4053 2429 E:[email protected] (Photo credit should read James GTR / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The infotainment system wasn’t much better as the small screen was almost completely useless, and it wasn’t even a touch screen. Retro-style scrolling of the controls allows users to input navigation addresses in a painfully slow manner, where you might even be more inclined to use the old MapQuest or even more conveniently, your cell phone that costs a few hundred dollars and has more tech features than your $150,000 sports car.

At MSRP, the older generations of GranTurismo are absolutely not worth the money and considering the depreciation record for Maserati cars, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a new one either. The 2018 and newer model years did adopt some of the new technology and updated infotainment systems you would come to expect from a car of its class, but if history has shown us anything, it’s that in a few years, the newer model years will have dropped into the used-car market at a price worth making the purchase.