Is the Ford F-150 Really That Good for Towing?

The Ford pickup truck is one of the top selling vehicles in the country. Ford trucks have seen massive evolution, bitter rivalries, and generations of American loyalty.

The Ford F-series is the most sold vehicle in in the USA with its wide range of trim options, several available sizes, and configurations to suit just about any job. But is the Ford F-150 really that good for towing?

It’s also offered in two different drivetrains: 4×2 or 4×4. In addition, the F-150 is equipped with one of six different engines, including a diesel.

In a SuperCrew cab that’s equipped with a 4×2 drivetrain powered by a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine, you can expect a maximum towing capacity of 13,200 pounds. 

The F-150 boasts some pretty modern towing technology, too. The tow package includes a backup assist feature, dynamic hitch assist, and blindspot assist. All of which are designed to help drivers out when towing.

The Ford Raptor

The Ford Raptor, while being an all-terrain beast, has a maximum tow capacity less than other F-150 models. While some F-150s are equipped to handle up to 13,200 pounds, the Raptor has a maximum tow capacity of 8,000 pounds.

The Ford Raptor

If towing is high on your list of priorities for your next truck buy, you may want to overlook the Raptor, as cool as it may be.

What about other trucks?

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 can tow up to 13,400 pounds, as of 2020. The Chevy truck now beats the Ford in max tow capacity for its class. But it’s the only one. The Ford has a higher tow capacity than the others –– such as the GMC Sierra 1500 which tows up to 12,100 pounds.

Is the Ford F-150 good for towing?

Overall, yes. We’d say the Ford F-150 is a capable towing machine. Its price range starts relatively affordable and gets pretty high when you start to add trim levels and options. They start anywhere between $28,745 – $71,160, according to U.S. News And World Report.

While it’s not currently the max capacity leader in its class, the F-150 is a tried and true reliable option with ample towing potential.