Is the Ford Bronco Cheating Off of Jeep With Its Easter Eggs?

Details on the 2021 Ford Bronco are out, and off-road enthusiasts are anxious to see what the new product line offers. Competition with the Jeep Wrangler is fierce, and designers have put a lot of effort in going head-to-head with the once uncontested SUV.

Aside from performance, off-road capabilities, and design features, there is one thing that sets the Jeep apart. That is the use of Easter eggs, obscure hidden elements that keep owners searching for the ones unique to their model.

Ford realized the success of these added features and is trying to get in on the action. Hidden elements are now discoverable throughout the all-new Ford Bronco line. 

Easter eggs found in the Jeep product line

The Jeep Renegade owners are thrilled when they find a spider imprint in the most unexpected of places. Wrangler owners delight at the presence of Willy grilles representing a throwback to the original Jeep product line.

Jeep has been hiding Easter eggs on their products for the past several years. 

Owners of the off-road vehicle love searching for the hidden gems that are unique to their model. Drivers of the 2017 to 2020 Jeep products find animal imprints, such as a spider near the gas tank with the words “CIAO BABY!” Others have found amphibians, snakes, geckos, and even what some say is Big Foot.

On the Jeep Renegade, there is a splash of orange on the odometer as a nod to paintball. Both the headlights and taillights are shaped in an X-pattern to resemble a military Jerry can. The traditional Jeep grille is embedded on the exterior lights, and the words “TO NEW ADVENTURES!” can be found under the ignition button. In the back seat of the Jeep Cherokee, a topographic map of an off-road Moab trail is carved into the plastic flooring.

Jeep has thought of everything when it comes to giving a shout out to all the things that have contributed to what makes it such a unique vehicle. It appears the Ford Bronco product line may be trying to do the same thing.

Hidden design elements in the Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco is catching the attention of off-road enthusiasts. A new model hasn’t released since 1996, and people are excited to see what Ford has put under the hood for this highly-anticipated vehicle. Not since O.J. Simpson went on the notorious white Ford Bronco chase has there been so much interest in the Bronco product line.

Car and Driver discovered 15 Easter eggs in the all-new ride, and people are intent on finding them. The different hidden elements in the Ford Bronco live up to the design of the model. 

The signature bucking bronco affixed to the tailgate is Ford’s way of making sure everyone knows this vehicle is “Built Wild.” The old block-style lettering found in older Bronco vehicles is embossed on the back pull-out tray. The gear shifter on the ten-speed automatic transmission also sports a bucking bronco, and scattered throughout the interior is four more iconic horses.

The infotainment system features an inclinometer that shows the car’s positions on any terrain, and the G.O.A.T. off-road driving modes can be easily selected using a rotational dial. “NO STEP” is imprinted on the central armrest to remind passengers to stay seated.

Is Ford paying homage to the original Bronco with hidden Easter Eggs?


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For starters, the circular headlights replicate the giant halogen headlamps of the first Bronco, which originated in 1965. The remote start ignition button also is shaped like the headlights. The taillights now consist of modern LED lights, but the B-shaped pattern is a throwback to the Bronco of yesterday.

The signature Ford blue nameplate takes its historical position at the lower right side of the tailgate. There are also Trail Sight tie-downs that replicate the pointy fenders of the first-generation Bronco.

Even the hardware has significance, with Bronco MNP 8.8 stamped onto the interior dash’s aluminum bolts. “Designed & Engineered in Dearborn, MI USA” is imprinted onto a signature plate attached to the door. An American flag can be found on the gear shifter to remind drivers of where the vehicle was manufactured.