Is the 2021 Volcon Grunt the Electric Rokon Trail-Breaker?

While there are plenty of affordable off-road-capable motorcycles, only a select few of them are electric. Both KTM and Cake offer electric dirt bikes, and Zero’s lineup includes several dual-sports. And coming underneath them in price is the scooter-influenced Kuberg Ranger. However, a new Texas-based company has an even cheaper all-terrain alternative: the Volcon Grunt.

What does the 2021 Volcon Grunt electric all-terrain bike offer?

A green 2021 Volcon Grunt on a rocky plains hill
2021 Volcon Grunt | Volcon

The 2021 Volcon Grunt is the first product the all-electric powersports company has released, Cycle World reports. It plans on unveiling 2-seat and 4-seat electric UTVs sometime in 2021, but for now, the Grunt’s the only offering. But it comes suitably equipped for the task of tackling off-road trails.

Arguably the most eye-catching features are the 2021 Volcon Grunt’s tires. Not only are they suitably wide and knobbly, but they also give the Grunt 12” of ground clearance, Visordown reports. But even with the rolling resistance, the all-terrain electric bike isn’t exactly slow.

A rider tackles some dunes on a green 2021 Volcon Grunt
2021 Volcon Grunt on dunes | Volcon

The Volcon Grunt’s electric motor is rated at 50 hp and 75 lb-ft, Roadshow reports. That’s enough to give a top speed of 60 mph, which the bike can reach in 6 seconds. Volcon hasn’t released the battery pack’s capacity. However, it claims the Grunt can go up to 100 miles on a charge. The pack’s also removable and can recharge from a 120V socket in 2 hours, Jalopnik reports.

Plus, the entire powertrain is IP67-rated waterproof, RideApart reports. Volcon even claims the Grunt could theoretically be ridden underwater.

A rider carries hay on a green 2021 Volcon Grunt's rack
2021 Volcon Grunt with rack | Volcon

Besides the electric powertrain and chunky tires, the 2021 Volcon Grunt comes with LED lights, a digital display, and adjustable power settings. However, as of this writing, the company hasn’t revealed the bike’s suspension or brake hardware details.

The 2021 Volcon Grunt will launch in spring 2021 with a starting price of $5995. Volcon will also offer numerous accessories for the bike, including various racks, mounts, and hitches.

How does the Volcon Grunt compare to the Rokon Trail-Breaker?

The 2021 Volcon Grunt isn’t the only American-made all-terrain motorcycle with large tires, though. There’s also the Rokon Trail-Breaker.

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Unlike the Grunt, the Rokon Trail-Breaker isn’t electric. It has a 208cc air-cooled carbureted single-cylinder engine rated at 7 hp and 9 lb-ft. It also has a CVT with 3 ‘gears’ functioning like high- and low-range, Cycle World explains. As a result, it tops out at 35 mph.

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However, unlike the Volcon Grunt, the Trail-Breaker has 2WD, the first motorcycle to offer the feature, Motorcyclist reports. It also has 15” of ground clearance and can climb a 60% grade. Admittedly, its 24” wading depth can’t compare with the Grunt’s ‘fully waterproof’ claim. However, the Rokon Trail-Breaker’s wheels are hollow, meaning you can float it across the water. Or they can be used to store drinking water or fuel.

The front 3/4 view of a black Rokon Trail-Breaker
Rokon Trail-Breaker front 3/4 | Rokon

Volcon hasn’t released the Grunt’s tow or payload ratings. Though presumably, given its accessories list, it can tow and haul gear. Meanwhile, although the Rokon Trail-Breaker isn’t as fast, it can carry up to 600 pounds on its frame and tow up to 2000 pounds. And, like the Grunt, it offers plenty of accessories, including trailers, racks, and sidecars.

However, the Rokon Trail-Breaker isn’t street-legal. And with a $7775 base price, it’s more expensive than the Grunt.

What other affordable off-road bikes are available?

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Luckily, if you want the next best thing to a street-legal Trail-Breaker, Rokon has a solution: the Ranger. At $8575, it’s even more expensive. However, it has the same 2WD, ground clearance, hollow wheels, and rugged powertrain as the Trail-Breaker. Its 37-mph top speed, though, can’t compare with the Volcon Grunt.

A red 2021 Honda Trail125 ABS
2021 Honda Trail125 ABS front 3/4 | Honda

There aren’t many electric off-road bikes that can compete with the Volcon Grunt’s price. However, there is an ICE one that can: the Honda Trail125 ABS. It starts at $3899 and has the same 125cc air-cooled fuel-injected single-cylinder engine as the Super Cub. It also has the Super Cub’s semi-automatic 4-speed transmission, with a different rear sprocket for off-road-friendly gearing, Cycle World reports.

A red 2021 Honda Trail125 ABS by a lake and a campsite
2021 Honda Trail125 ABS | Honda

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True, it’s not water-proof like the Grunt. And its 6.5” of ground clearance falls behind the Grunt and the Rokon Trail-Breaker. But it does have a skid plate, LED lighting, extra suspension travel, ABS, and a luggage rack, The Drive reports. Compared to the Super Cub, its air intake is higher, to increase wading depth. And, in case your battery dies on the trail, it comes with a kick-starter, Revzilla reports.

Deciding between the Volcon Grunt and these bikes will require hitting the trails. Which, given their capabilities and price tags, isn’t exactly grunt work.

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