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The 2021 Honda Ridgeline arrived to the 2021 model year with a fresh new look and some welcomed exterior and interior updates. But can you expect the updated Honda Ridgeline to be a reliable truck? According to Consumer Reports, the answer is yes.

2021 Honda Ridgeline driving on dirt road
2021 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

How Consumer Reports determines its reliability ratings

If you want to know how reliable a vehicle is, Consumer Reports offers some of the most comprehensive reliability ratings available. But how exactly are its reliability ratings determined? Well, according to Consumer Reports, every year, as part of its ‘Auto Reliability Surveys of Consumer Reports,’ it asks its members to report any serious problems they’ve had with their vehicle throughout the past year. Using that data, Consumer Reports is then able to generate predicted reliability ratings for new vehicles, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline included.

What Consumer Reports’ reliability ratings say about the 2021 Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline has been around for quite some time now. It was first introduced for the 2006 model year, and since then, has undergone two redesigns. While first-generation Ridgeline models earned some pretty high reliability ratings from Consumer Reports, second-generation models earned mixed reliability ratings. Some model years were able to secure a four out of five overall reliability rating, but others weren’t quite as fortunate.

As for the 2021 Honda Ridgeline? Consumer Reports has given the new Honda Ridgeline a four out of five predicted reliability rating. And while that doesn’t give the Ridgeline a perfect score in terms of predicted reliability, it does fall in line with how Consumer Reports has rated past versions of the Honda Ridgeline.

These are the Honda Ridgeline’s most common trouble spots

Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball. And without one, it’s difficult to predict what the 2021 Honda Ridgeline’s trouble spots will be. With that in mind, though, it’s worth taking a look back at previous model years. While the 2021 Ridgeline has been redesigned and may not share the exact same struggles, understanding the problems that have plagued previous Ridgeline models can be a good indicator of what issues this year’s model might face.

According to Consumer Reports, the body of the 2020 Honda Ridgeline faced issues related to unexpected noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, and both air and water leaks. Some owners of the 2020 model also reported issues with the Ridgeline’s power equipment. The good news is that because Honda has recently redesigned the Ridgeline, there’s a decent chance that these issues have been remedied. Though, you should definitely still keep an eye out for them.


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Is the Honda Ridgeline reliable?

Overall, the Honda Ridgeline is a reliable pickup. Consumer Reports’ data shows that while some model years struggled to earn high marks in the reliability department, other model years had no issue earning a four or five out of five reliability rating. It’s no surprise then that Consumer Reports gave the 2021 Honda Ridgeline a four out of five predicted reliability rating.