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The Mini Cooper Countryman has been a popular car ever since its release in 2011. Consumers love its unique design, peppy engine, and impressive fuel economy. In 2017, the Mini Cooper got its first major redesign. It’s now slightly larger and has a hybrid version for customers with environmental concerns. An all-electric model will also be released soon.

The 2020 model got a few new changes. There’s no more manual transmission and hybrid Mini Coopers got an extra 6 miles of range. The Mini Cooper Countryman was even named one of the Best Hybrid SUVs of 2020 by Edmunds. Is this little SUV worth its big price tag?

About the Mini Cooper Countryman

In addition to its unique exterior, the Mini Cooper also has some quirky elements inside the cabin. The most prominent is the center touchscreen, located inside a large chrome ring. The interface is intuitive and has some integrated physical controls, but many critics found it difficult to use. 

While it does come with standard Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay is only available in higher trims. Like all Mini cars, there’s no Android Auto compatibility. However, it does come with some useful standard safety offerings like automatic emergency braking, rear parking sensors, and forward-collision warning.

Under the hood, a combination of an electric motor and a three-cylinder engine powers the Mini Cooper hybrid. The electric battery pack has been upgraded from 7.6 to 9.6 kilowatts. It provides up to 18 miles of all-electric range. It can also be charged in as little as 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Altogether, the Mini Cooper Countryman Hybrid makes 221 hp and 284 lb-ft of torque. All hybrid models also come with all-wheel drive.

What Edmunds liked about the Mini Countryman

The reviewers on Edmunds reported a fun drive inside the Mini Cooper Hybrid. They found that it was faster than previous Mini Coopers and had better fuel economy. Despite the heavier battery pack, the 2020 Mini Countryman still retains its sporty handling.

The staff at Edmunds found the Mini Cooper’s unconventional interior to very appealing. They also noted that the materials inside felt more upscale than many of its rivals. The hybrid Countryman is available with both synthetic and genuine leather seating.

Where Edmunds was disappointed

Edmunds also had a number of complaints about this car. Despite how fun it is to drive, the car’s brakes are touchy and require a lengthy stopping distance. They also felt that the cargo area was too small for a vehicle in the subcompact class. With the second row folded down, the Mini Countryman Hybrid only provides 47.4 cubic feet of space.

Edmunds also wasn’t a fan of the big price tag. On average, it retails for almost $38,000. In addition to this, all of the Mini’s available engines require the most expensive fuel.

Do other hybrid SUVs offer a better value?

The Mini Countryman’s competitors cost far less and offer more features. For example, the Kia Niro only costs around $25,000 on average. The hybrid edition has a battery pack with 26 miles of all-electric range. It also has better gas mileage and more standard features, like smartphone integration. However, it’s not available with all-wheel drive.

The RAV4 Hybrid, another hybrid SUV recommended by Edmunds, comes with standard all-wheel drive and Android Auto compatibility. It also offers more cargo and passenger space than both the Niro and the Countryman. 

When it comes to hybrid SUVs with a decent driving range, there are definitely better options than the Mini Countryman. However, you won’t get the same unique driving experience.


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