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When it comes to open-air cruising and rear-drive, pocket-rocket fun, there’s almost no better car to drive than the Honda S2000. Of course, some will say that the “Miata is always the answer,” and to each to their own, but the S2000 provides more power and the same type of agility as that car.

However, one major complaint among S2000 owners is that it could have probably used more power from the factory, which is why some enthusiasts choose to supercharge their cars. But is supercharging a Honda S2000 really a good idea?

The Honda S2000 has a good amount of power from the factory

Ask any Honda S2000 enthusiast what their favorite part of the car is and almost every one of them will tell you “the engine.” That’s because the S2000 originally came with a high-revving 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine from the factory that produced 240 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque. Honda later bumped the engine’s size up to 2.2-liters, which adjusted the power to 237 and the torque output to 162. The larger engine made the car more daily drivable due to the increase in mid-range torque.

If you’re wondering what that kind of power translates to when it motivates a 2,800-pound car, Car and Driver was able to squeeze out a 0-60 mph time of 6.8 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 15.1 seconds when they tested the 2000 Honda S2000. It’s a pretty good amount of power for the open road and for daily driving, but to get more power, a supercharger is a good way to go.

2002 Honda S2000 in blue
2002 Honda S2000 | Honda

What kind of power can you expect from a supercharged Honda S2000?

If you’re currently a Honda S2000 owner – or are planning to buy one – and are interested in supercharging your car, then there are plenty of options to choose from. The folks over at Drifted put together a list of all of the S2000 supercharger kits currently in the market in addition to some notes about each one. Overall, their favorite kit is the Stage 2 kit from Science of Speed, which provides easy installation, easy tuning, and power increase from anywhere between 140 to 200 hp depending on what type of fuel and tuning maps you use.

How much does it cost to install a supercharger on a Honda S2000?

Almost every S2000 supercharger kit costs around $4,500 to $6,000 for the kit and accessories alone, however, the labor rates to install the kit on your car can vary. With a proper install and dyno tuning (which is preferable), you could be looking at an estimated $7,000 (or possibly more) to get the kit installed and tuned for everyday drivability and reliability. As always, if you all of the work yourself, then the cost of the project will be considerably cheaper.

The Science of Speed supercharger on an S2000 engine
The Science of Speed supercharger on an S2000 engine | Science of Speed

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Is it worth it to install a supercharger on your Honda S2000?

Whether you plan to drive your S2000 on the race track regularly or just on the street, it can be worth it to supercharge your S2000 if you’re aiming for the 400 to 500 horsepower range. Considering the total cost of the supercharger kit (in addition to the labor), it’s a pretty hefty price to pay if you’re only shooting for an increase of 80 to 100 hp, which is what some kits provide.

So, if you’re thinking of supercharging an S2000, we say “go big or go home,” because paying over $5,000 for a lightweight car with 400 hp sounds a lot better than paying that much for a car with only 300 hp.