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Ram is going electric. It unveiled its first battery-powered concept truck: the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution. The automaker hopes to put some form of this vehicle into production by 2024. But what about Ram’s flagship vehicle? Ram’s CEO recently promised an electric TRX. We expect this supertruck to be even more powerful than the Hellcat-powered generation.

The Banshee will be the new Hellcat

Closeup of the grille and badging of the Ram Revolution electric concept truck which might preview the new TRX.
2024 Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

We already know what Ram’s next supertruck’s powertrain will be called. Dodge has released an electric Charger Daytona concept wearing a “Banshee” badge. The automaker revealed that the Banshee will be the Hellcat of the future. It will be a high-output version of Stellantis’ electric powertrain shared across the company’s American brands.

Dodge has said the Banshee powertrain will feature class-leading 800-volt charging speeds. We don’t know horsepower numbers yet, but we do know that Stellantis’ most powerful electric drive units make 442.5 horsepower. The electric concept vehicles–both the Charger and the Ram Revolution–have a drive unit for each axle. Therefore, the Banshee varients could conceivably offer 800+ horsepower.

Ram will continue offering a TRX supertruck

Advertising render of the Ram 1500 electric supertruck concept.
2024 Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Ram brand CEO Mike Koval introduced the new 1500 Revolution electric concept truck at the Consumer Electronics Show. When he said he hopes electric Rams go into production in 2024, he won’t limit his Ram EVs to one model.

Koval specified, “We’ll have something for everybody from the entry level or what we call the Tradesmen, which is decidedly work-oriented, all the way up through our Longhorn and Limited Premium models, to the off-road king of the hill, the TRX.”

There has been some speculation that an on-road supertruck, much like the Ram 1500 Revolution concept, could become the brand’s electric flagship. But Koval insists that Ram will continue focusing on off-roaders.

Koval said to Motor Authority that Ram’s electric technology is engineered with off-roading in mind. “The EDMs (electric drive modules) that we’re designing for this are protected for higher-performance applications, so I think you’ll see a very similar go-to-market strategy.”

A Ram 1500 TRX EV will join the crowded electric supertruck segment

This is the Ram 1500 Revolution full BEV.
2024 Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Even before Ram launches an electric TRX, the EV supertruck segment is growing. General Motors resurrected the HUMMER nameplate to release its first electric truck, a true supertruck.

In addition, Rivian’s quad-motor R1T was the first electric truck to market. The Rivian electric truck’s marketing is more focused on sustainability than supertruck capabilities. That said, its four motors allow it to reach 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. It easily dethroned the Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 TRX as the world’s fastest truck. Perhaps an electric TRX will someday reclaim the title.

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