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Genesis hasn’t been in the SUV game for long, but don’t fault them for not sitting on their laurels. This Korean luxury brand showed up and showed off at the New York Auto Show with a new Genesis GV80 Coupe luxury SUV that we want to drive hard and see what it can do. This new coupe-style SUV should go up against the likes of the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

Does the Genesis GV80 Coupe luxury SUV deliver a sinister look?

Genesis GV80 Coupe Luxury SUV Badge
Genesis GV80 Coupe Luxury SUV Badge | Genesis

The only thing sinister about this new luxury SUV is the badge. The Genesis winged logo is redesigned and finished in black, giving it a darkened, sophisticated, and secretive feeling we can admire. It’s almost as if this brand wants to become the Dark Knight of the luxury world with this incredible new logo.

The new concept GV80 brought to the New York Auto show wore Magma orange paint, which would be an amazing addition to the Genesis color pallet. This incredible orange paint represents the lava constantly flowing under Korea, which has certainly become part of the country’s heritage.

Offsetting the bright orange is a swath of black, which you see everywhere on this new Genesis SUV. The front end, wheels, side door sill, and mirrors all wear a gorgeous gloss black finish to match the look of the newly designed badge.

What makes this Genesis Luxury SUV special?

Interior View Genesis GV80 Coupe from the Rear
Interior View Genesis GV80 Coupe | Genesis

Aside from the new logo and bright orange paint, the new Genesis GV80 Coupe luxury SUV brings a fastback roofline and aggressive design language. This midsize SUV rolled into New York on a set of 23-inch wheels, giving it the desired sporty appearance. These massive wheels filled the wheel arches perfectly. The light signature features only two lines that extend to the fenders. The same two lines appear around the back for a consistent pair of lines that help this SUV look fast.

Normally, the Genesis GV80 is a midsize three-row SUV fit for families. Add Coupe to the name, and you’ve got something different. Once inside the GV80 Coupe, you see a four-seat layout. This seating configuration features sporty seats with orange accents and solid orange backs to continue the Magma paint theme.

What powers this new luxury SUV?

Genesis GV80 Coupe Luxury SUV Out for a Drive
Genesis GV80 Coupe Luxury SUV | Genesis

The new Genesis GV80 Coupe luxury SUV concept at the New York Auto Show brought the familiar sounds of the 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine with it. Genesis hasn’t confirmed this SUV’s powertrain yet. It could have the V6 or source a more powerful engine from the G90 sedan.

We expect the initial powertrain will likely be a gas-powered unit. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities for a future PHEV or full EV GV80 Coupe to appear.

Will Genesis put this SUV into production?

Genesis has confirmed a version of the GV80 Coupe will head to production very soon. It could appear as a 2025 model-year SUV. With this incredible new coupe-style luxury SUV looming on the horizon, other luxury brands need to up their game to keep up.


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