Is Musk Planning to Take Consumers for a Ride on a Tesla Truck?

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Tesla Motors’s  Elon Musk has a lot of plans up his sleeve, and if you just listen closely enough (or follow him on Twitter), he has proven that he’s willing to share. His most recent hints suggest that there could be a Tesla truck in America’s future, and Musk has now successfully whetted many U.S. drivers’ appetites.

The South African founder and chief executive officer of Tesla has garnered the attention of auto consumers everywhere, with his quick wit, easygoing nature, and charming accent. Musk has been the subject of many different television appearances and interviews, and is also unusually accessible to his consumers via Twitter, often tweeting major announcements that other CEOs have chosen to do in a more professional manner.

When Tesla was poised to pay back its U.S. government loans nine years ahead of schedule, for example, Musk simply tweeted, “Given govt loan repayment this week (prob Wed), Supercharger update will be next week.”

Roger that.


But while Musk has no doubt broken some major news on Twitter, he has also relied on more conventional settings, such as the inaugural TESLive Conference, to drop some hints for what’s in store for the electric car giant. According to Value Walk, Musk name-dropped the truck during the one hour question and answer session that he was the subject of, explaining that he was “keen” on the idea and that “the key to building such a vehicle is a suspension that can optimize distribution of the payload.”

That also explains why Musk has been so determined to persuade Texas lawmakers to reconsider their regulations on Tesla dealerships in the state.

In addition, earlier in the summer on May 24, Musk tweeted, “Would love to do a pickup truck. Something w ultra low cg for sports car handling, dynamic air suspension & mega torque.” Though he didn’t say much else along those lines, we can forgive him because he tweeted minutes later that he had just been in surgery, and probably shouldn’t have been tweeting.

Musk also revealed other exciting news at the conference, touching on a software update that will soon be available for Model S owners, and suggested a major announcement for Tesla’s Roadster could be in the works. He also offered details on the highly-anticipated Model X launch.

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At TESLive 2013, the CEO gloated about the success of his famous Model S sedan in the U.S., and his anticipation of its roll out in Europe and China in the second half of this year. He noted that no one has yet been injured or killed while driving a Model S, and said the firm is ready to soon introduce a software update, which will include a new mode that will prevent any valet or unauthorized drivers from taking part in the joyride temptation.

Musk also alluded to the fact that the current batch of Roadsters may soon be able to use the company’s Supercharger stations and battery swapping stations, even though prior announcements suggested otherwise. That hint is effectively keeping roadster owners on the edges of their seats, as they wait for Musk’s official unveiling — or tweeting. Consumers are also waiting to hear more about plans for the location and production of these Supercharger stations, as they eagerly await the official paving of a supercharged road from Los Angeles to New York City.